How to identify which students in your class have an Education Inclusion Plan (EIP)

ACU staff are able to identify students with an Education Inclusion Plan (EIP) on a class list, which may be extracted from Student Connect or Banner 8. On either report the fourth column from the left has a heading "EIP". Any student with a current EIP will have a "Y" in that column, aligned with their name and student ID number. Students with EIPs have the responsibility for providing relevant teaching staff with a copy and for discussing their needs directly with staff.

EIP list Via Student Connect

To extract a Class List from Student Connect, log in using your usual ACU system username and password. Under the ‘Downloadable Reports’ tab, select ‘Unit Enrolment Details’.

Select the relevant Term, campus and unit from the drop down boxes. Select whether you need the data in HTML or Excel format and ‘Submit’.

EIP list Via Banner 8

To extract a Class List from Banner 8, you will need to log in using a specific Banner username and password (which is different from the ACU system username and password). If you do not have a Banner log in, use the Student Connect method. Using the "SZRSLST – ACU Class List" report , press the Control key and the Page Down key together to go to the input part of the form, and place the cursor in the blank value box.

For Term Code, type in the relevant term in Banner code form, e.g. 201530 (for first semester 2015) or 201560 (for second semester 2015).

For Campus Code, type in the relevant Banner code for your campus, e.g. F for Fitzroy, S for Strathfield.

For Unit Code, type in the seven character code for your unit e.g. LEGL101

Press the Control Key and Page Down Key together and scroll down to the Submit radio button. Click on the word "Submit" and then the Save icon (which looks like a floppy disk) at the top of the screen on the left hand side. A report will appear on screen. You may save the report to your personal folder as a pdf or print a copy.

Important Note

Check your EIP report regularly for updates. These reports are not static. Additional EIPs are completed as students register with Disability Services and as the semester progresses.


Page last updated on 22/09/2020

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