To book a meeting room you must use Outlook.

To book all other teaching and non-teaching spaces, you need to use Web Room Booker. Within 10 minutes you will receive either a booking confirmation email or an acknowledgement of the booking request. Bookings in teaching spaces will be provisional until confirmed after the embargo period. When the booking is confirmed you will receive a confirmation email.

The period during which the Class Timetable for Semester 1 and Semester 2 is being scheduled, including the first three teaching weeks is known as the embargo period. The Semester 1 embargo period is from the beginning of January until the end if Semester 1 teaching week 3. The Semester 2 embargo period remains in place until the end of Semester 2 teaching week 3. References to the embargo period, unless otherwise specified, encompass both periods. For specific dates refer to the “Understanding Weeks and Dates 20XX” document on the Timetabling web page.
View the list  of rooms available in Web Room Booker. If you wish to book a room not on this list please contact for more this list and those that must be booked in another way.

The start time and end time of bookings in Web Room Booker are always local times. If you are booking a venue in Sydney, the times will be Sydney times and if you are booking a venue in Brisbane the times are Brisbane times. .

During day light saving if you need to make a booking for a video conference that includes a venue in Brisbane and venues in other states/territories, you must make a separate booking for Brisbane (for information on Daylight Savings see this Australian Government information page).

To book venues in more than one campus, select ‘Multi campuses’ as a campus.

To book venues in Adelaide contact Cris Henriksson.
Using the Web Timetable (available through Web Room Booker – called “Check room availability”) you can see the scheduled bookings of a specific room to check its availability for certain dates. Click on 'Room' on the left hand side menu, select the campus, the room/s and weeks. If the venue is already booked you can see who booked it
When you log in Web Room Booker, at the bottom of the page there is a link to ‘my bookings’. When you click on the ‘my bookings’ link you will see the list of all your future bookings, including confirmed and requested bookings. If you need to cancel the booking, click on the ‘Cancel’ button.
Bookings cannot be modified. If you wish to change date or times or venue, or delete one of the venues you need to cancel the booking and make a new one. Alternatively, you can email to modify the booking.
When booking open areas or courtyards, please check their capacity in the Location lists for Room Bookings spreadsheet and then choose the right number in the drop-down menu for minimum capacity. For example, the Atrium in Strathfield can hold 150 people therefore you need to select at least 75 as minimum capacity to see the venue.
To request bookings of teaching spaces you need to use Web Room Booker and select 'specialised space' as a venue requirement. The booking will be provisional and confirmed after the embargo period.
Yes, to book or request to book a room, you have to use Web Room BookerService Desk staff will not be able to process any room booking request.
No. To request IT support you need to submit a request through Service Central.
If you are organising catering through an external provider, please select ‘YES, external provider’ as a catering option. The local campus concierge will then receive a copy of the confirmation email and they will be aware of the location to which the food needs to be delivered. Please do not order catering in venues that are not suitable for catering. Catering is only allowed in no-teaching venues.

No, while making the booking in Web Room Booker, you can specify details in the ‘please describe’ field related to special room setup requests.

If you need to select multiple days/weeks, click on the related button and then you can select weekdays and the related weeks. To select more than 1 week use the CTRL button when selecting. The system is setup so that you cannot select more than 4 weeks. If you try to select three or more weeks an error message will appear. For bookings longer than 4 weeks you will need to make multiple bookings, alternatively email
Page last updated on 31/03/2021

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