The data in Banner can be accessed in three ways:

  • Via Student Connect, the Banner ‘self-service’ interface for academic staff and students
  • Via Banner, used primarily by professional staff
  • Via Argos, the new Banner reporting tool - A tool for extracting bulk data from Banner

All three tools access the same data.

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Student Connect is the web-based 'self-service' interface to Banner.

Staff can use Student Connect to:

  • view students' personal and contact details
  • view individual student photos (via Student Profile Overview)
  • view students' enrolment details
  • view and export class lists and rolls
  • create student contact lists
  • enter results

Most academic staff will be able to find all the student information that they need on Student Connect.


You can access detailed guides to using the system at:

Accessing Student Connect

In order to access Student Connect, you must be either a designated Primary or Secondary Instructor, or have General Access.

  • Primary and Secondary instructors both have access to class lists for the units that they are teaching, and can upload results via Student Connect. Normally, the Lecturer-in-Charge would be nominated as the Primary Instructor, and other staff as Secondary Instructors.
  • General Access allows access to student information and general course and unit information via the downloadable reports.

Most schools arrange Primary and Secondary Instructor access for their teaching staff.

You can also request access directly by submitting a Student Connect Access request via Service Central.

Basic Banner and Argos Skills

If you are new to Banner or Argos, please watch these introductory videos in order to familiarise yourself with basic skills such as navigations, searching and filtering.

The Quick Reference Guides below show which pages to use to perform common tasks on Banner or Argos.

Title Video link Quick Reference Guide link
Getting started Watch a video View Quick Reference Guide
Personalising My Banner Watch a video View Quick Reference Guide
Basic Navigation Watch a video View Quick Reference Guide
Searching and Filtering Watch a video View Quick Reference Guide
Advanced Navigation Watch a video View Quick Reference Guide

Running a Report in Argos

Title Video link Quick Reference Guide link
Running Argos Reports Watch a video View Quick Reference Guide

Banner and Argos Quick Reference Guides

Student Information

Unit Information


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