ACU staff use Workplace to communicate, connect and collaborate.

These guidelines have been developed to help you understand how you can use Workplace. It’s important to check these from time to time as they may be updated.

Workplace is an opportunity for you to connect with colleagues and turn ideas into action.

It’s your chance to:

  • Learn more about what’s going on across the university.
  • Hear from and engage with different colleagues.
  • Share your work and ideas.
  • Discover opportunities for collaboration.

You can do this by:

  • Joining groups
  • Posting about your work and ideas.
  • Commenting on colleagues’ posts.

How do I get started?

1: Complete your profile.

Add a face to your name by uploading your profile photo.

2: Don’t want to receive email notifications?

Click your profile photo or icon in the bottom left corner of Workplace and select Settings. Click Notifications and then click Email to change your notification settings.

3: Create a group for your team, a project, or for discussion of a topic.

Workplace groups are the perfect place to post relevant updates, work on projects and share ideas.

An ‘Open’ group is visible to everyone. Anyone can join the conversation and find out what’s happening.

The name, description and members of a ‘Closed’ group is visible to everyone but you must be invited or approved to join in order to view and publish posts in the group.

Before creating a new group use the search tool to check if a similar group already exist.

If you create a new group, make sure you add a clear description, so people know what the group’s purpose is. Pin the group description to the top of the group so that it is the first thing anyone reads when they visit the group. To pin a post, click the arrow in the right-hand corner of the post and select “pin post”.

4: Use the search function to find existing groups that are relevant to you.

5: Share what you’re up to.

Use relevant groups to post what you are working on, what you need help with, find answers to your questions and use your expertise to answer your colleagues’ questions.

Workplace gives all of us the opportunity to share news and information with each other in a quick, easy and informal way.

What other important things should I know?

6: Workplace is a work space.

Make sure that your use of Workplace is in line with the ACU Code of Conduct for All Staff.

All ACU policies apply. These include Privacy Policy, Internal Communications Policy, Acceptable use of IT Facilities Policy, Social Media Policy, Discrimination and Harassment Policy, and Workplace Bullying Policy.

Please be professional and respectful. If you have an issue with something someone has posted, have a conversation offline with them about it. If you don’t feel comfortable raising the issue directly you can contact the Internal Communications team via for advice about how to address your concern.

7: Your posts and comments are a matter of record.

If necessary, ACU can access all content and messages on Workplace as a matter of record. However, Workplace should not be used for formal record-keeping or storing documents. Any records should be maintained separately in accordance with ACU’s Archives and Records Management Policy.

8: Workplace is monitored by ACU.

The Internal Communications Team monitors content on Workplace. The university is obliged to report breaches of Workplace’s Acceptable Use Policy.

9: Workplace is not a help desk.

Workplace is not the place to communicate requests for services. Service requests and enquiries should be directed to Service Central.

10: Workplace is not a complaints department.

Workplace is not an appropriate place to make complaints. These must be lodged via the formal complaints page on the ACU staff website and in accordance with guidelines on resolving workplace issues.

11: Do not share confidential documents.

It is not appropriate to share confidential documents on Workplace.

12: Deemed acceptance

By accessing Workplace as an employee of ACU, you are deemed to have read these guidelines and agree to be bound by them and any updates issued in the future.

The ACU Workplace administrators will notify users of any updates by posting to the How to use Workplace group.

Page last updated on 27/10/2022

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