As part of the Corporate Services portfolio, the Student Experience Directorate provides:

  • activities and events for students to engage in university life;
  • opportunities for the development of student leadership;
  • help for students who are experiencing challenges and/or require support to engage with their studies - including counselling support, and access and disability services;
  • support for students who have experienced sexual misconduct, family and domestic violence, or other inappropriate behaviour; and
  • careers and employability support to develop graduate attributes so that students become career-ready professionals.

The Directorate is also responsible for the support of ACUNSA (the Australian Catholic University National Student Association), campus student associations, and student clubs and societies.

The Director, Student Experience, Georgina Ledvinka, provides strategic direction and leadership of the directorate, and oversees the delivery of these support students to students across all campuses. The aim is to provide every student with support and opportunities to assist them with achieving their academic and personal goals.

Student support is available through the following service areas.

Careers and Employability delivers a comprehensive range of engaging and specialised career development education services to current students and graduates.

For staff, the Careers and Employability service works in collaboration with academics in the design, facilitation, and assessment of career development learning both in and adjacent to the curriculum including:

  • development of content, activities and resources tailored to student cohort needs;
  • faculty specific events and employer engagement; and
  • information about the latest industry employment data and labour market projections; and support with professional experience programs.

ACU CareerHub

Careers and Employability manage the ACU CareerHub, an online portal which provides students with opportunities for employment, community engagement, work experience, volunteering, and internships. CareerHub also enables students to make an appointment for one-on-one career support, access online services and stay informed of opportunities for professional development.

Martin Evans
National Manager, Careers and Employability

The Counselling Service provides free and confidential counselling and support to ensure students can participate fully in university life. The service offers a range of programs and workshops to help students proactively build resilience and overcome personal and situational issues which may affect their university experience.

All ACU counsellors are experienced and trained psychologists or social workers. They assist students via one-to-one counselling, in psychoeducational groups and through the provision of relevant resources and referral. The counsellors also offer Mental Health First Aid training which educates and raises awareness about mental health and empowers people to respond appropriately. A number of early intervention stress management programs are offered on each campus and a range of workshops are offered on the campuses to encourage proactive health management.

Appointments with a counsellor can be booked online through UniHub.

Staff can register for upcoming courses via Tools and Services.

For free and confidential 24/7 support available for students in distress and ACU staff supporting distressed students - call 1300 638 485 or text 0488 884 191.

Samantha Whitehead
Acting National Manager, Counselling Service

ACU's Access and Disability Service supports students who have a diagnosed medical / mental health condition, disability or significant carer responsibilities which may impact their studies. These support services are designed to enable a student to participate in education on the same basis as other students in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) through the Disability Standards for Education (2005).

Access and Disability Advisors, based upon treating professionals' assessment and recommendations, develop an individual plan (called an Education Inclusion Plan) in consultation with students to manage their studies.

Appointments with an Access and Disability Advisor can be booked online through UniHub.

Staff can view further resources and training materials under Tools and Services.

Trevor Ianna
National Manager, Access and Disability

Sexual assault and sexual harassment are never OK. ACU takes all reports of sexual misconduct seriously. All students, staff and visitors should feel safe and respected at ACU. All incidents of sexual misconduct can be reported for the purpose of seeking support or requesting action from the university. All staff and students, on every campus, are expected to behave in a manner that is always respectful and inclusive. If staff see or hear of something that is not quite right, they are encouraged to speak up.

There is a network of Safety Support Officers (known as the Safety Support Network) on each campus. Safety Support Officers are a mix of academic and professional staff who have been specially trained. Their role is to directly support students who disclose that they have experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, or family and domestic violence, and to connect them with further support services. Safety Support Officers also provide advice and guidance to ACU staff who are supporting a student through a disclosure.

Safeguarding and Student Safety conduct regular training opportunities for students and staff on topics including Respectful Relationships and Bystander Awareness, and are happy to deliver bespoke training to suit the needs of individual groups.


Taleah Neowhouse
National Manager, Safeguarding and Student Safety

The Student Advocacy Service provides students with confidential support, information and referral on matters related to ACU's academic and procedural rules and regulations. The service assists students to navigate University policies and procedures, contributing to a culture of respect and dignity in helping students to resolve any difficulties they may encounter.

Marta Balnaves
Student Advocacy Coordinator

The Student Life team supports the ACU Mission by delivering a rich, enjoyable, and diverse campus culture that engages students, staff, and the wider community in a vibrant and dynamic campus life. Initiatives include:

  • Student leadership and representation. Each of our Australian campuses has a student association, presided over by a council of elected representatives. There is also a national postgraduates' association (ACUPGA). All of these student bodies fall under the umbrella of a national body called ACU National Student Association (ACUNSA). Collectively these associations provide the student voice and the officers are often called upon for student input into ACU decision making. More information and contact details.
  • Clubs, societies and volunteering are vital parts of campus life and play an important role in our support of the ACU Mission. Our student-run clubs and societies are reflective of the campus culture and provide valuable insight into the interests of the student body. Beyond the social aspects of clubs and societies, participation, particularly for the office bearers, affords opportunities to develop valuable leadership skills. Similarly, through training and participation in on-campus and off-campus events, our volunteers develop skills in leadership, organisation and socialisation and provide students with an opportunity to make friends and give back to their communities.
  • Campus programs, events, activities and services. Vibrant and welcoming campuses are essential elements of student wellbeing. As such they are significant contributors to student success (retention, results and employability). Events schedules reflect the diversity of the campus life and contribute to a sense of belonging, which is important for student success. The individual campus What's On newsletters, found on ACULife, provide up-to-date information.


Alistair Cowie
Associate Director, Student Life

Page last updated on 08/03/2024

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