The Cafe is located near the main quad of the campus (Building 600) The cafe serves a wide range of food and beverages, including hot meals, sandwiches, wraps and snacks.

Campus catering can be organised through the café; please order online at

Or email to discuss your catering needs.


The Barron Memorial Chapel is located on the main campus (Building 610).

The Chapel is left open, and all are welcome to use it for quiet prayer and reflection.

The Chapel is open daily from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

For more information, please contact Ann O’Connor - Campus Pastoral Associate (02) 9701 4605 Ann.O’ or Jean-Claude Attieh Campus Pastoral Associate 02 9701 4365

Multi Faith Prayer Room

The Multi Faith Prayer Room is situated at the back right hand corner of the quiet room (which is adjacent to the Student Common Room). This room is available for quiet prayer and reflection.

For further information or assistance, please contact the Campus Ministry Office on (02) 9701 4365.

Smoke free campus

ACU values the health and wellbeing of students and staff and is committed to providing a smoke free study environment. This means smoking is not permitted anywhere within ACU buildings, grounds or controlled vehicles.

During the transition phase to smoke free status there is a temporary designated smoking area on Strathfield campus, located near the gates to Albert Rd.


Pay phones are located in the foyer outside 'The Track'. In-house telephones are located in most lecture rooms for emergency use with speed dial to important numbers. These telephones can also be used to contact staff on their four-digit extension numbers.


Facilities Management office is located on the Ground Floor of Building 600. For all building and service-related requests, please lodge a request via Service Central or call (07) 3623 7272.

Hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. (Security services will be assisting if Facilities Management staff aren’t available)

Facilities Management staff offer a variety of services, including:

  • Mail incoming and outgoing
  • Express envelopes
  • Courier bookings
  • Triaging of Service Central requests
  • Events and maintenance

Parents' Room

A room with facilities for nursing mothers and parents with small children is located in the corner between Building 612 and 613. The key can be obtained from Security or Facilities Management.

Here you will find a comfortable and private place to feed and care for your baby. Facilities provided include a highchair, changing table and refrigerator for the storage of milk.

Staff kitchens

There are several staff kitchens located on campus. The locations are listed below:

  • 600 Ground level
  • 600 Level 1
  • 612 level 2 (Education Hub)
  • 613 Ground - Student services and AskACU
  • 613 Level 1
  • 613 Level 2
  • 640 Clancy Ground
  • 640 Clancy level 1

All kitchens are equipped with microwaves, hot/cold water dispensers and fridges. Facilities Team provides tea, coffee, stirrers, sugar, milk, scourers, dishcloths, and dishwashing liquid for each of these areas.

The kitchens are serviced on a regular basis and general cleaning is carried out each morning. Refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves that have been provided by Facilities Management will also be cleaned on a regular basis at the start of each month.


Individual staff are responsible for washing and drying dishes or stacking dishwashers.


Please ensure food kept in the fridges is clearly labelled and not stored for too long. At the end of each semester Campus Operations will conduct a mass clean-out and food may be lost if it is not removed from the fridges.


Please consider others and cover your food while using the microwave. This will prevent unnecessary spillage and cleaning for others.


Milk is delivered to the fridges on Monday. If you run out of milk, please create a Service Central Request and the cleaners will drop them off to the relevant kitchens.

Staff bathrooms

There are several staff bathrooms across campus. Two of these bathrooms also contain showers for staff use only. These two bathrooms are located at 613.1.34. This is a unisex toilet.


If you would like to book a courier, please contact the Facility Management directly on (02) 9701 4002. External courier bookings can also be made through the. These courier costs will be charged back to your cost centre. For help transporting boxes please contact Facilities Management via Service Central.

A daily internal transfer is arranged between North Sydney Campus and Strathfield Campus. Please deliver mail before 11am for same day delivery. Mail is sent complimentary but large items may incur an extra charge. Internal mail from Strathfield to Blacktown Campus runs on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

"Please clearly note the recipient’s name, Campus and room number on the parcel to avoid confusion. "


Incoming mail

Incoming mail is distributed within Campus Operations and delivered to designated school areas/offices daily. Heavy items will be delivered to individuals offices.

Outgoing mail

All outgoing letters and parcels must indicate department cost codes for us to process items. Clancy outgoing mail must be in the tub in the staffroom by 12pm.

All other outgoing mail must be delivered to the Facility Management by 12pm for same day processing.


Campus Operations is responsible for the security of property and buildings on Strathfield Campus.

A Security Guard is on site Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 9:30pm, and Saturday/Sunday from 8:30am to 5:00pm.

The Security Guard patrols the entire campus and can be contacted on  (02) 9701 4000 or (02) 9701 4001 (office hours) and 0417 653 202 (after hours).

Keys and fobs

All requests for keys and access control cards must be made via Service Central at or by phoning (07) 3623 7272.

Some requests for access may need to be approved by a supervisor or head of school.

All keys and access control cards are to be signed out and returned to Campus Operations upon cessation of employment or transfer.


All maintenance requests should be made via Service Central at or by phoning (07) 3623 7272.

Recreation facilities

Strathfield Campus has a variety of recreational facilities available for student use.

The Student Common Room is located on the ground floor of Edmund Rice Building (600), between the canteen and the Co-op Bookshop. Students are welcome to use this room at all times. The room also contains a pool table. Enquiries regarding the facilities within the room should be directed to the SCSA Office located near the ATM on the ground floor of Saint Edmund Building (613).

Ball sports are not permitted in the quad. They are permitted on the field through SCSA sports clubs and for specific classes.

Staff amenities

There are lockers, showers and bike racks available at every campus, and they are improving as we develop our campuses. The link below contains a document that lists the location and other important details of your campus's bike racks, lockers, and showers.

Lockers, showers and bike racks (MS Word Document, 13KB)


The School Locker is the preferred ACU textbook and branded merchandise supplier, with retail stores on ACU campuses. Purchases can be made instore or online.

The School Locker carries a range of textbooks, course and subject supplies and software. It has a range of technology products and is an accredited Mac1 service provider.

It also carries ACU branded clothing and gifts.

The School Locker is located Ground floor, Building 600, next to the Café.

For opening hours, queries and online purchases please got to

Destruction of confidential materials

There are a number of secure bins located across campus. These bins are collected monthly for secure destruction.

These bins are located:

  • 600.G.CR4
  • 602.G.CR5
  • 611.1.CR2
  • 612.2.CR3
  • 613.G.34
  • 613.1.24
  • 613.1.CR7
  • 613.2.05
  • 640.G.18
  • 640.1.12
  • 640.1.15

For further information please contact the Campus Concierge through Service Central on (07) 3623 7272.

For destruction of confidential electronic materials such as computers, hard drives and data discs please contact Service Central at or by phoning (07) 3623 7272.


Campus Operations provides a variety of stationery at a charge (which is processed monthly), including ACU envelopes, express post envelopes, letterhead and paper (plain and coloured).

To order your stationery, please attach a Stationery Booking Form (MS Word Document, 91KB) to your service desk request.

For personalised ACU envelopes, business cards and other items please visit the Marketing Printing and Stationery page to place orders.


Campus Operations encourages all staff to recycle and there are recycling bins located in all common areas and kitchens.

There is a three bin system at the campus. This includes:

  • A paper recycling bin
  • A general recycling bin (cans, bottles, clean plastic container etc)
  • A landfill bin ( food scraps,food wrappers, non-recyclable waste)

All staff offices contain a desk-top eco-bin and a paper recycling bin. All landfill goes into the desktop bin; all other waste can be recycled. Please remember to sort your office waste into the correct bin.

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