Recruiting your team

Team leading

Before you can begin your search for the right candidate you need to know what kind of position you're offering, and the current and future needs for your work area. Planning for recruitment will help you reach the best outcome.

Plan and prepare for recruiting a new staff member

Your staff salaries

Know the salary rates for academic and professional staff, understand the payment process and download the handy salary and on costs calculator for budgeting.

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Managing and classifying positions

Whether you are creating a new position, revising a vacant one or an existing position has changed over time to meet new demands, the design and description of a position is critical for recruitment, probation and performance. See a list of common position titles employed at the University, the guidelines for writing position descriptions and the University's organisational structure.

Explore position descriptions and classifications

Ways of working

Different ways of working can require a different approach to leading and managing your team. Learn how you can support flexibility in when, where and how work is performed, while keeping your team engaged and productive to deliver optimal outcomes.

Managing flexible teams

Managing your team

As a manager you are responsible for and have significant influence on your team's performance, contribution and alignment to organisational direction. We are here to guide and support you in undertaking this important role to make sure your team thrives.

Know your tasks

Managing change

Overseeing a team during a period of change can be challenging. There are guidelines in place to help you support your team through change.

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