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The new ACU Space Bookings model has been designed to improve the room booking process and enhance the user experience. In this page you can find information on:

The Facilities Planning, Design and Management Policy outlines principles and responsibilities associated with the provision and management of University Space. The policy contains useful definitions, including what is an ad hoc booking.

When booking an ACU space you are accepting of the obligation to leave spaces in the condition they were found and to respect your colleagues’ adjacent work areas. Please ensure setup and pack down time, in particular cleaning and tidying up, are planned ahead and included in the booking time.

If you are organising Campus wide events please liaise with the relevant Associate Vice-Chancellor or Campus Dean's office to communicate the planned activities.

Bookings for external clients are subject to the following conditions

  1. The External Party is aware that access to University Facilities does not mean an event is endorsed or sponsored by ACU
  2. The External Party prepares a Booking Summary of the event including size of audience and parking & security requirements, using the Event Booking form

To familiarise with building and facilities at ACU you can check the campus maps: BallaratBrisbaneCanberraMelbourneNorth Sydney and Strathfield.

Understanding the venue numbering system;

  • First number is the building number 502.3.02
  • Second number is the floor number 502.3.02
  • Third number is the room number 502.3.02

For enquiries about room layout and location contact the relevant Campus Concierge.

Access to booked spaces

Venues are either locked or unlocked and Armed/Disarmed. In addition, access may require the use of both a metal key and your Staff ID card.

Please note: if you book a room using the Web Room Booking system Campus Concierge will be notified of your booking. If you book in any other way or your booking is before 9am or after 5pm, you should contact Campus Concierge through Service Central to ensure the room will be open, unlocked and disarmed for your booking start time.

Meeting rooms are booking using your Outlook calendar. For help using Outlook use the Service Central Knowledge Article.

Please note: to book venues in Adelaide contact Cris Henriksson.

If you would like to book a non-teaching spaces in all other campuses, you have to use Web Room Booker. You will receive a confirmation email within 10 minutes. You can also log in to the Web Room Booker to see all your future bookings and cancel any if circumstances changed.

For enquiries about your bookings please contact room.bookings@acu.edu.au

Using the Web Timetable (available through Web Room Booker – called “Check room availability”) you can see the scheduled bookings of a specific room to check its availability for certain dates. Click on 'Room' on the left hand side menu, select the campus, the room/s and weeks. If the venue is already booked you can see who booked it.

The Facilities Planning, Design and Management Policy outlines principles and responsibilities associated with the provision and management of University Space. The policy contains useful definitions, including what is an ad hoc booking.

Service Central and the Concierge Desk are to be contacted for assistance with:

  • Catering (only in non-teaching spaces)
  • Placement of Directional Events boards (eg. “A” frames & Wayfinding signs)
  • Special room setup (only in selected venues)
  • ICT support (for video conference only)
  • Video recording (for video conference only)
  • Portable video conference unit (for video conference only)

Requests for additional services are to be submitted at least 3 working days in advance with the booking request via Service Central. In case one or more participants in the video conference are connecting from overseas, the request for IT support must be submitted at least 5 working days in advance. Catering requests are to be done directly with the catering service on your campus.


Catering is not permitted in teaching spaces. However, catering is allowed in foyers of auditoriums and in some non-teaching spaces.

For any further questions about events or catering arrangements please contact Campus Concierge. To respect colleagues and the areas adjacent to meeting rooms, please do not use kitchen items from break out areas and leave the rooms in the condition they were found.

Special room setup

For enquiries and to ensure the venue can accommodate your requested setup, please contact the relevant Campus Concierge through Service Central.

To organise a video conference you need to:

Booking venues with Video Conference facilities

Video conference meeting rooms are to be booked in Outlook.

Video conference learning spaces can be booked and the request is to be submitted via Web Room Booker.

Please note: during day light saving when booking venues in multiple campuses with Web Room Booker, you must make a separate booking for Brisbane to ensure the room is booked for the correct time.

How to connect to a Video Conference

For information on connecting to a video conference see the Service Central knowledge article.

For general information on how to connect to a video conference refer to Service Central.

Portable Video Conference Unit

Please visit the Service Central for information on portable video conference units.

When circumstances change and you no longer need the booked venue/s, you are to cancel your booking.

If you booked via Web Room Booker - First login in Web Room Booker. At the bottom of the page there is a link to ‘my bookings’. When you click on the ‘my bookings’ link you will see the list of all your future requested and confirmed bookings. Click on the ‘Cancel’ button to cancel any of the listed bookings.

If you booked in any other way email room.bookings@acu.edu.au.

Contact room.bookings@acu.edu.au for enquiries about Web Room Booker functionality, including how to cancel a booking.

Contact the relevant Campus Concierge through Service Central for enquiries about:

  • catering,
  • room layout and setup,
  • room location and its accessibility,
  • additional setup or equipment (other than the portable video conference unit).

Contact book.teaching.space@acu.edu.au for enquiries about teaching spaces booking requests, including for event purposes.

Contact Service Central for:

  • technical problems with Web Room Booker (including login, errors, confirmation emails, etc.),
  • enquiries about Video Conference and ICT support,
  • enquiries about the portable video conference unit.

For feedback and improvement suggestions about the model and Web Room Booker contact the Service Excellence Team at ServiceImprovement@acu.edu.au

Page last updated on 12/04/2021

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