Archiving is available for all staff but please note storage space is limited.

Archiving request

Staff members who wish to store material in the campus archives should send a request through the Service Central Portal at or call 3623 7272

Please note: Archive boxes can be ordered via Tech One through our stationary supplier WINC. Staff members should keep their own records of what is to be stored and have their own numbering system for the boxes.

Once you have made a request, you will receive instructions and a spreadsheet for you to enter the following information:

  1. Name of Organisational Unit/ Name of Staff Member (if applicable)
  2. Type of Materials (list of contents should be included)
  3. Clients Numbering System
  4. Date of Materials
  5. Date of Destruction/Review or Permanent retention (this is most important) (refer ACU Policy on Archive)

When the boxes are ready for collection, the staff member should request removal through the Service Central Portal at or call 3623 7272

Retrieval of boxes from Archive

  • If a staff member requires a box from archives they will need to make a request through the Service Central Portal at or call 3623 7272 and supply the bar code number of the box they require. Staff can also request the return of boxes to archives through Service Central.


  • Review and destruction of archives will be in line with the Records and Archive Management Policy
  • Old archive boxes can be reused, however the previous barcode numbers must be destroyed.


There are three café outlets on Melbourne campus:

  1. North Café, located at the rear of the Mary Glowrey Building (Building 4290) opposite the Library entrance. This is the main cafe on campus, and serves a variety of hot and cold meals, snacks, sandwiches and beverages. The café also has a liquor licence and alcoholic beverages are available for purchase after midday each day. Proof of Age identification may be required. It is open daily all year.
    Campus catering can be organised through the café; please email to discuss your catering needs, or order online through
  2. South Café, located  in the front of the Mary Glowrey Building (Building 420)  near Victoria Parade.  This café serves wraps, sb] snacks, sandwiches and a variety of hot and cold beverages. It is open daily during semester with reduced hours during the breaks.

For catering options, please contact Nicole David to discuss your ordering details.


The Chapel is located on the Ground Floor of the Daniel Mannix Building. A variety of religious services for both students and staff are held in the Chapel. 

Mass is celebrated daily at 12:00 noon. Students and staff are most welcome to attend Mass and the other gatherings for public prayer, and to use the Chapel for quiet prayer and reflection.

Nursing mothers and parenting room

A facility is available for parents and nursing mothers on the Ground Floor near the Campus Concierge desk.

The area provides facilities for baby changing and breastfeeding.

The room has two easy chairs, a fridge, microwave and some books and toys.  A bathroom area is also available with nappy disposal.

To access this room, contact Campus Facilities through Service Central on 07 3623 7272 between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

For afterhours use, contact Security. On-site security can be contacted by calling 0477 752 510 from your office, mobile or from any of the phones located in each Teaching and Learning Spaces.

Smoke free campus

Smoke-Free ACU - Staff - Australian Catholic University

Kitchen and staff lounge


Properties and Facilities provides services to the following kitchens:

  • 115 Victoria Parade: Basement, Ground, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, & Level 5
  • 250 Victoria Parade: Level 1 (Education x 2, Library Acquisitions), Level 4, Level 5, Level 7 (x2), & Level 8 (Provost, Staff Room, Faculty of Health Sciences)
  • Daniel Mannix Building: Mezzanine (Campus Ministry), Level 1, Level 2, Level 4, & Level 5
  • Modular Buildings: Level 1
  • Cathedral Hall: Level 1 & Level 2
  • 32 Brunswick Street: Level 1
  • 34-36 Brunswick Street: Ground, Level 1, & Level 2
  • 49 Brunswick Street: Level 1
  • 174 Victoria Parade: Level 3 & Level 2
  • 486 Albert Street: Level 4 & Level 7.

Properties and Facilities provides the following supplies on a regular basis:

  • Full cream milk
  • Skim milk
  • Instant coffee
  • Instant decaffeinated coffee
  • Sugar
  • Teabags
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Dishwasher tablets (where applicable)
  • Disposable stirrers
  • Sponges
  • Dishcloths.

If a supply runs out, please make a request detailing what is needed and where, via Service Central or phone (07) 3623 727.


External mail - via Australia Post

Mail is received from Australia Post twice a day at approximately 8:00am and 12:30pm. This is then sorted and delivered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to blue bins marked Incoming Mail in the designated mail points (usually printer spaces) in all departments. Outgoing mail is picked up at the same time as mail is delivered from the grey Australia Post bin marked Outgoing Mail. If your outgoing mail will not fit in the grey tub, please raise a General Enquiry Service Request through Service Central for a separate pick up.

Cost codes

To ensure that mail costs are charged back to the appropriate area a department please ensure that cost code is clearly marked on each mail item or attached to a batch of mail items (secured together with a rubber band). Mail without a cost code will be returned marked "please provide a cost code to ensure postage"

If you have mail which may need a different cost code to codes used previously, then you need to forward the following information to Finance:

  • The name of the account
  • The codes for the account including all PDT codes
  • The authorising signature

Once the cost code is approved it will be entered in the Australia Post Mail Manager program. Mail can then be processed against the relevant account.

The reason for this process is to ensure that chargebacks from Facilities Management to the relevant departments are acceptable.

International mail

Staff members wishing to send international mail over 500g should purchase an International Mail satchel available here AusPost International Satchel and complete all required address/sender and declarations information before placing the satchel in the grey Outgoing Mail tub for pickup. Please replace the Please Note text with this text Please note: International mail over 500g must have a Customs Declaration attached. If this is not done, the mail will be returned to the sender for this to be completed.

Please note: International mail over 500g must have a Customs Declaration and be signed in at the Mailroom in the register by the staff member sending them. If this is not done, a delay will be encountered as the mail has to be returned to the sender for the paperwork to be completed.

Inter-campus mail

Any inter-campus mail item or items that weigh less than 500g can be placed in an appropriately sized Australia Post satchel available here (link in next field) and addressed to the person and the campus to which they belong or if multiple items to different recipients address the satchel to Facilities Administration. AusPost Satchels

Please note: The inter-campus mail services can only accommodate up to 500g - no boxes or large satchels can be sent via this service. Any inter-campus mail over 500g will be posted separately and must include an address and cost code.

Large mail-outs

Large mail-outs should be bundled into lots of 25 for standard letters and letters of same weight. They must have postage paid in top right-hand corner (please order pre-printed ACU envelopes here.  ACU Stationery

Please note: Mail going to other campuses must specify the name of the campus - Sydney or NSW will not find the correct campus. Ensure that envelopes are properly sealed and not left open for contents to fall out in transit.

Couriers for Melbourne Campus

Courier Services

Finance recommends TNT Couriers

Couriers should be booked by departmental administrative staff via the couriers’ online portal and paid for with an ACU corporate credit card.

All couriered items should be delivered to Facilities Administration office on the ground floor of the Mary Glowrey Building (115 Victoria Parade) with the consignment note secured to the appropriately packaged item. If the item to be couriered is too heavy/large for you to deliver it to the Facilities office, please raise a Service Request to Facilities to pick it up for you. Please allow 24hrs for Facilities to action this pick-up request.


The Melbourne Facilities Management office is located on the Ground Floor of the Mary Glowrey Building (at 115 Victoria Parade) and can be contacted through Service Central on (07) 3623 7272.

Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Lost property

Any property found on campus should be handed to Facilities Management on the ground floor of Building 420 (the Mary Glowrey Building) at 115 Victoria Parade.

Staff and students are advised to be extremely careful with money and other valuables as thieves have been active on campus.

Any valuables, lost or stolen, should be reported to Campus Concierge or the Security Officer at the earliest possible convenience.

Lost and Found property is recorded and kept at Reception for 3 months in accordance with Victorian State Legislation and then disposed of to charities.

Don't forget: If you need Security you can contact Security through the National Security Centre on 1300 729 452 or 8888 from ACU internal phones. 


Noticeboards are located throughout the campus.

The main noticeboards are by the lifts on each floor of 115 Victoria Parade. These display details of upcoming events and general information. Only approved notices may be placed here; contact Facilities Management through the Service Central Portal at or call 3623 7272 at for further information.

The noticeboards in the ground floor foyer near the Cafeteria have information on the timetable, exams and general course information as well as Occupational Health and Safety and other information from Facilities Management and Student Services.

Noticeboards located by each faculty’s reception display information relevant to specific courses, subjects and field experience.

It is important to check noticeboards frequently to keep up to date with new information.

Room bookings

Book the room here


Facilities Management is responsible for the security of property and buildings on the Melbourne Campus.

Security Guards are located at the main building (The Mary Glowrey Building, 115 Victoria Parade), Monday to Friday from 6am - 11pm and Saturday/Sunday from 8:30am - 5:30pm.

On-site security can be contacted by calling 0477 752 510 from your office, mobile or from any of the phones located in each Teaching and Learning Spaces.

In an emergency, please call 000 or call the ACU emergency number 8888 from one of the internal phones.


All maintenance requests should be made via Service Central or by phoning (07) 3623 7272.

Recreation facilities

Sports Facilities

The Melbourne Studio Gym offers a wide variety of aerobic and strength training equipment, in addition to a diverse range of fitness classes. The fully staffed fitness centre is located on the Lower Ground Floor of the Mary Glowrey Building.


Contact the gym for membership enquiries or to find out the fitness class timetable. ACU Melbourne Studio Gym

Phone: 03 9953 3665


Location: Lower Ground, Mary Glowery Building


The St Patrick's Campus student lockers are located on the lower floor of the Mary Glowrey Building. Gone are the fiddly combination locks and creaky hinges, replaced with simple digital locks and groovy colours. The lockers are complimentary and available for day usage only during semester.

Staff amenities

There are lockers, showers and bike racks available at every campus, and they are improving as we develop our campuses. The link below contains a document that lists the location and other important details of your campus's bike racks, lockers, and showers.

Staff amenities (MS Word Document, 14KB)

Off-site printers

The Melbourne Campus uses off-site printers Snap Printing for large quantities of photocopying or printing.

Collection and depositing of requests is handled via Facilities Management through the Mailroom desk on the ground floor of the Mary Glowrey building 115 Victoria Parade (requests are to be made in person by attending the rear Mailroom window).

Alternatively you can send files electronically to The email should cross reference to the print requisition form so we know how the file is to be finished. The print requisition form can be scanned and sent with the file (preferred) or placed in the daily run.

Collection times

Snap printing collect and return twice daily once in the morning around 10am and once in the afternoon around 4pm.

The Mailroom will send you an email to advise when your print job has been delivered.

Please bring both copies of forms when lodging your printing. You will receive one back with your printing when it is returned.

System use

To use the system your signature needs to be an approved signature for the collection and holding of the printing forms. Your signature also needs to be a valid signature for chargeback through the finance system. The signature and authority be will be cross-referenced against the Approved Signature Form (PDF, 80KB) located at the Mailroom.

Please note: To get approval you will need to complete the form above and your signature approved by your HOD/HOS. Finance will also approve and then forward to the Mailroom.

If your printing job sheet does not have the valid signature and account code it cannot be processed. Please ensure all printing request forms are correctly completed before depositing with Campus Concierge.


Printing is recharged to your School or Department on a monthly basis through the internal recharge journal system.

Destruction of confidential material

You can arrange for the collection of your Confidential Waste bin, or request a Confidential Waste bin for your office through the Service Central Portal at or call 3623 7272.

Confidential waste bins are not a part of a routine disposal regime.

The contents of confidential waste bins are destroyed by an external provider.  The cost is recharged back to the department at cost - currently $35.00.

The disposal of disks, DVDs, videos & cassettes may also be requested through the Service Central Portal at Staff should place for an order for a RED In-Confidence bin (260 litre capacity). Please note the charge is $70 per bin.


The School Locker is the preferred ACU textbook and branded merchandise supplier, with retail stores on ACU campuses. Purchases can be made instore or online.

The School Locker carries a range of textbooks, course and subject supplies and software. It has a range of technology products and is an accredited Mac1 service provider.

It also carries ACU branded clothing and gifts.

The School Locker is located Ground floor, Mary Glowrey Building (Building 420), opposite the Library entrance.

For opening hours, queries and online purchases please got to

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