The Recruitment and Selection Policy and Hiring for Mission Guide are available to assist you with each stage of the recruitment and selection process and are supported by the following tools and guides. Please also refer to the Staff Connect Recruitment support and user guides for guidance on using Staff Connect recruitment.

Identify need

Describe Role


  • You may wish to discuss an recruitment and advertising strategy with People and Capability
  • Hiring Manager to Raise a Request to Fill form in Staff Connect
  • Select a Recruitment Strategy
  • Outline Selection Committee and an Interview Panel
  • Outline Interview Questions for Approval
  • Sample questions: Hiring for Service
  • Sample questions: Hiring for Mission



Preferred Candidate

  • Complete Assessment of interviewed applicants in Staff Connect
  • Raise Preferred Candidate/s Form/s for the Preferred candidate/s of the position
  • Contact Preferred Candidate/s to advise of recruitment progress
  • Complete Reference Checks for Preferred candidate/s. (Manual reference checks and/or Xref in the Preferred Candidate Form in Staff Connect)
  • Referee Report Form (Word, 42KB)
  • Raise an Approval to Appoint form for the preferred candidate in Staff Connect


  • People and Capability to generate and upload Offer of Employment in Staff Connect
  • Endorsers and Approvers to review and approve Offer of Employment
  • Preferred Candidate sent Offer of Employment via Staff Connect for acceptance


For guidance on direct appointments, refer to the Appointment of Staff Policy and complete a Request to Fill form in Staff Connect and select Internal Appointment.

Page last updated on 04/01/2022

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