Reporting an emergency

General campus emergencies

For general emergencies please call the ACU Emergency Line:

  • from an internal ACU phone dial 8888
  • from an external/mobile phone dial 1300 729 452.
  • Use the SafeZone app to contact the National Security Centre directly. Download the app to your mobile device at

When talking to emergency services provide the following details:

  • the location and type of emergency
  • your name and location
  • the nearest cross street.

The National Security Centre, with the assistance of trained evacuation wardens, look after emergency procedures on campus.

Please familiarise yourself with campus evacuation procedures and how to operate firefighting and emergency evacuation equipment.

Order to evacuate

If you are required to evacuate please:

  • leave the area immediately as directed
  • stay calm
  • leave your personal belongings
  • shut down any machinery
  • close, but do not lock, all windows/doors
  • do not use elevators
  • proceed to exit points as directed by the wardens
  • keep to the left in a single file on all stairways
  • stay quiet
  • move to your designated assembly area via exits as directed by the wardens
  • do not return to the building.

A general statement outlining Fire and Evacuation Procedure is attached to the wall in all lecture rooms. Evacuation posters are placed in all areas of the campus which provide information on your location, routes out of the building, assembly areas, and potential danger.


A siren will sound if there is an emergency on campus. There are two types of alarm:

Sound Action
SoundBeep, beep, beep, beep ActionPrepare for possible evacuation and wait for instructions from your warden. Do not evacuate until instructed.
SoundWhoop, whoop, whoop, whoop ActionEvacuate now and move to your designated assembly area under instruction from the warden.

You must remain at the assembly area until a warden or other authority advises you further.

Please note you may be asked to evacuate by a warden even if there is no alarm.

ACU has a number of trained first aiders on campus. In the event of an accident or incident, please call campus reception through Service Central on (07) 3623 7272 to locate a trained first aider.


ACU aims to provide a safe environment for our staff and students. While on campus, please act in a safe manner which respects the rights of others.

  • Smoking is prohibited on campus.
  • Cars are prohibited from entering the campus grounds unless it has been arranged with the National Security Centre/reception.
  • No eating in the classrooms, lecture theatres, laboratories and computer laboratories.
  • Passageways and stairways must be kept clear of obstruction at all times.
  • Handling of electrical and scientific equipment and substances must be under supervision.
  • Correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) must be worn when handling electrical and scientific equipment and substances.
  • Common sense should be observed in all safety matters.

If you feel unsafe or see unsafe activities please contact Campus Security via SafeZone or call 1300 729 452 or 8888 (from an internal ACU phone).


ACU has security guards on site and regular security patrols across our campuses.

Guards perform a variety of functions including first aid, opening and securing all buildings, and surveillance.

You can contact security 24/7 via SafeZone or call 1300 729 452 or 8888 (from an internal ACU phone).

If a child or vulnerable adult is being (or is in imminent danger of being) harmed please dial Triple Zero (000).

After calling Triple Zero, please report the situation to the National Security Centre on 1300 729 452 or 8888 (from internal ACU phone).

For other concerns about the safety of children or vulnerable adults refer to Protecting Children and the Vulnerable: Reporting Harm or Suspected Harm

Further advice is available by emailing

Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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