As part of the Corporate Services portfolio, the Student Success Directorate (SSD) provides students with support services to:

  • promote student engagement in university life.
  • provide opportunities for the development of student leadership; and
  • provide opportunities for students to develop graduate attributes making them career ready professionals.

The Student Success Directorate is also responsible for the support of ACUNSA (Australian Catholic University National Student Association) and each Campus Student Association.

The Director, Student Success manages and leads the professional support services for students which are delivered across the University. These services aim to provide every student with opportunities to assist them with achieving their academic and personal goals.

Student support is available through the following service areas:

Careers and Employability delivers a comprehensive range of engaging and specialised career services to current students and graduates.

For staff, the Careers and Employability works in collaboration with academics in the design, facilitation, and assessment of career development learning both in and adjunct to the curriculum including:

  • Development of content, activities and resources tailored to a student cohort needs;
  • Faculty specific events and employer engagement; and
  • Information about the latest industry employment data and labour market projections; and support with professional experience programs (WIL).

ACU CareerHub

ACU CareerHub, an online portal which provides students with opportunities for employment, community engagement, work experience, volunteer, and internships. CareerHub also enables students to make an appointment, access our online service and stay informed of opportunities for professional development.

Brigitte White
Manager, Careers and Employability

Student Jobs on Campus

Student Jobs on Campus (SJC) connects students who are looking for casual and short-term employment opportunities with ACU employers. The SJC program offers students an opportunity to gain meaningful work experience, develop graduate attributes, engage with the university community while at the same time as earning an income. 

Tamara Stacey
SJC Coordinator

The Counselling Service provides free and confidential counselling and support to ensure students can participate fully in university life. The unit offers a range of programs and workshops to help students overcome the challenges of personal and situational issues that impact on their university experience.

All ACU counsellors are experienced and trained psychologists or social workers. They assist students via one-to-one counselling, psychoeducational groups and the provision of relevant resources and referral. The counsellors also offer Mental Health First Aid which educates and raises awareness about mental health and empowers people to respond appropriately. A number of early intervention stress management programs are offered on each campus and a range of workshops are offered on the campuses to encourage proactive health management.

Appointments with a counsellor can be booked online through UniHub.

Staff can view further resources and training materials under Tools and Services.

Ravi Lulla
National Manager

The Disability Advisors work with students with ongoing or temporary disabilities, including health conditions, which may impact their studies. Disability Advisors, based upon treating professionals’ assessment and recommendations, develop an individual plan (called an Education Inclusion Plan) for students to manage their studies.

Appointments with a counsellor can be booked online through UniHub.

Staff can view further resources and training materials under Tools and Services.

Trevor Ianna
Senior Disability Advisor

The Student Advocacy Service provides students with confidential support, information and referral on matters related to ACU’s academic and procedural rules and regulations. The Student Advocacy Service empowers students to navigate the University policies and procedures, creating a culture of student advocacy where the dignity and respect of all parties is maintained.

Ozge Onder
Acting Student Advocacy Coordinator

The Student Life team seeks to develop a rich, enjoyable, and diverse campus culture that engages students, staff, and the wider community in a vibrant and dynamic campus life. Initiatives include:

  • Student Developmentwhich focuses on developing leadership skills for local and national student associations, clubs and societies and volunteers through leadership events, programs, coaching and workshops. Learn more about ACUNSA and Student Associations, clubs and societies.
  • Student Life Programscomprise of co-curricular activities, events, and competitions across the University. Students can develop holistically through programs offered in clubs and societies, skills and leisure courses, arts prizes and competitions, cultural celebrations, campus parties and varied other events.
  • Membership of the Golden Key International Societywhich provides students with leadership competencies and skills that contribute to their development as active and global citizens.


Alistair Cowie

National Manager, Student Life

Contact your local Student Life Officer for each campus:

Joe Graffeo
Student Life Officer, Ballarat

Tully Jocumsen
Student Life Officer, Blacktown

Ceran Nilsen
Student Life Officer, Brisbane

Tom Cressy
Student Life Officer, Canberra

Tait Forster
Student Life Officer, Melbourne

Jeeves Lulla
Student Life Officer, North Sydney

Torrey Klett
Student Life Officer, Strathfield

Page last updated on 17/09/2021

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