Echo360 Universal Capture is a free downloadable program you can install on your computer to make video content using screen recording, webcam recording, and audio.

The downloads link in Echo360Download Universal Capture recording software

  1. Navigate to into
  2. When prompted, enter your ACU email address and click the Submit button.  
  3. When prompted by a username and password dialogue box, enter your ACU username and password and click "OK".
  4. You will now be directed to your content library.
  5. Click the Cog icon in the top-right corner and choose Downloads from the menu (see image right).
  6. Under the "Universal Capture: Personal" heading, click the Mac Download or Windows Download option and save the installer to your computer.
  7. Run the installer on your computer to install the program.
  8. Open the Echo360 Universal Capture program from your computer.

For additional instructions on installing Universal Capture, please see Installing Universal Capture Personal from Echo360 support.

Use Universal Capture to make recordings

Launch the Universal Capture software on your computer – you will be required to log in. Click the Click here to login button, which will open the Echo360 login screen in your web browser. Use the same login process you would when logging into the Echo360 website, and you will be returned to the software once authenticated. You may then use the software to record.

For information on how to make and upload recordings, please see the following guides:

Things to remember:

When you finish a recording, it will prompt you to upload to your Echo360 library. If you wish to then create a link to the video, please read the Echo360 section of the How to submit a video assignment LEO guide for students.

When you upload a recording, you should publish videos to your "Library" - only ACU lecturers may publish to a "Class". Videos published to your library will be available to view, edit and link to when you log into the website.

Help and support for Echo360

For support with downloading, installing or using Echo360 Personal Capture, please contact ACU Service Central.

Page last updated on 20/08/2020

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