The Student Administrative Lifecycle and Policy Committee is responsible to Academic Board for the quality and delivery of student-related policies and related areas of academic administration.

Terms of Reference:

· To develop, monitor and review a range of academic administration and student-related policies as governing authority.

· To oversee the implementation of and communications related to new and revised student-related policies, procedures and guidelines.

· To provide reports and advice to Academic Board on student and academic-related administrative matters.

· To oversee the review and implementation of the Academic Regulations. To oversee and review coursework admission policy, procedures and practices.

· To oversee and quality assure the policy, procedures and practices relating to the calendar and timetable to ensure an optimal student experience.

· To advise the University Teaching and Learning Committee, the University Research Committee and the Student Experience and Retention Committee on student-related policy matters.


· Appointed academic staff members will serve on the committee for normally two years.

· The student representative will be appointed for a term of one year.

· Only half of the appointed representatives should be changed in any one year to allow continuity.


The Committee reviews its procedures as it deems necessary and recommends amendments to Academic Board for approval.

The Committee’s Terms of Reference were last reviewed in October 2020 and approved by Academic Board on 25 November 2020.

Page last updated on 06/01/2021

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