From January 2019, all ACU undergraduate students who meet the required criteria will have the option to fulfil their two unit Core Curriculum requirements by undertaking certain philosophy units.

The benefits studying philosophy

The study of philosophy provides students with an opportunity to engage in higher-level reflection about major contemporary issues, and training in broad-based critical thinking skills, applicable to a range of professions.

Unit choices

First year students who received an ATAR of 75 or higher (or OP 12 or higher in Queensland) will have the opportunity to select one of the following philosophy units in lieu of UNCC100 Self and Community: Exploring the Anatomy of Modern Society:

  • PHIL102 Theories of Human Nature
  • PHIL104 Introduction to Ethics

In their final year (or according to their specific course schedule), students who have met the eligibility requirements below may opt to undertake PHIL320 Ethics, Justice and the Good Society, in lieu of UNCC300 Justice and Change in a Global World.

To enrol in PHIL 320, students must have met one of the following requirements:

  • received a high credit (72 per cent or above) in PHIL 102 Theories of Human Nature, or PHIL104 Introduction to Ethics


  • attained an overall course GPA of 5.75 or higher (with or without completing a prior unit in philosophy).

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