Position Name Responsibilities Phone Location
Chief Financial Officer Scott Jenkins ACU Finance X2903 North Sydney
Executive Officer to the Chief Financial Officer Alsu Zaripova ACU Finance X2153 North Sydney
Associate Director, Financial Corporate Services Paul Zappia Financial Corporate Services X2707 North Sydney
Associate Director, Financial Operations Mitch Srbinovski Financial Operations X2907 North Sydney

Financial Operations Team

Position Name Responsibilities Phone Location
Finance Procurement Manager Nicholas Tamp ACU Procurement X2703 North Sydney
Procurement and Sourcing Coordinator  Bellinda Dunn
(Mon, Wed, Thu)
ACU Procurement X9133 North Sydney
Procurement Specialist Kevin Palmer IT Procurement Specialist X7551 Brisbane
Procurement Officer Karinna Lucey IT Purchasing X7565 Brisbane
Purchasing Officer

Tina Wan

IT Purchasing X7458 Brisbane
Treasury and Insurance Financial Accountant Rajan Wijey Treasury
Insurance (excl. Workers Compensation)
Motor Vehicles
Receipting and Banking
X2945 North Sydney
Assistant Accountant Cathy Chen Receipting
X2928 North Sydney
Finance Officer Belinda Madeira
(Wed, Thu, Fri)
Equipment Asset Management
Overseas Travel Acquittals
X7107 Brisbane
Accounts Receivable Officer Thuy (Teresa) Doan Invoicing X2904 North Sydney
Financial Accountant (Tax, Assets and Accounts Payable) Katie Kung Accounts Payable
International Payments
Cash Advances
Tax (GST & FBT)
Building Assets Management
X9088 North Sydney
Administrative Officer Jinling (Jackie) Wang FlexiPurchase Card
Student Refunds
Scholarships & Grants
X4211 North Sydney
Accounts Payable Officer Ryan (Yasutoshi) Nakamura Accounts Payable – QLD/ACT
FlexiPurchase Card
X4212 North Sydney
Accounts Payable Officer Akemi Asai Accounts Payable – NSW
Accounts Payable Inbox
X4214 North Sydney
Accounts Payable Officer Pui Yin (Ryan) Li Accounts Payable – VIC
International Payments
X4028 North Sydney
Accounts Payable Officer Ai Nguyen

Accounts Payable
Travel statements
Travel procedure
Qantas Corporate Memberships
Virgin Corporate Memberships
IT Purchasing

X4213 North Sydney

Financial Corporate Services Team

Position Name Responsibilities Phone Location
Management Accountant, Reporting Irene Nardone Reporting & System Access
Finance Training
Portfolio Management
-Client assignment: Vice President DVCC
X3360 Melbourne
Management Accountant - Financial Planning and Budgeting Alex Graham Financial Planning & Budgeting
Budget Advisory Reports (BAC)
Portfolio Management
-Client assignment: DVCEI  
X7228 Brisbane
Financial Planning and Budgeting Officer Ellen Kamholtz
(Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu)
Financial Planning & Budgeting
Budget Advisory Reports (BAC)
X7526 Brisbane
Senior Finance Officer Nancy Huynh Finance Systems X3361 Melbourne
Senior Finance Officer Hanna Widjaja PMA support
-Client assignment: DVCC and VP
Systems and Training
X3359 Melbourne
Finance Officer Tracey Zou

Journal Transfers
Finance Code Maintenance
Reporting & Systems Access

X3358 Melbourne
Finance Officer Teima Ahmed Finance Administration
P2P support
Reporting & Systems Access
Journal Transfers
x3357 Melbourne
Portfolio Management Accountant William Woon Portfolio Management
-Client assignment:
Corporate Services (Finance, Gov/OGC, HR, MER, OPSM, Student Admin, Office of Student Success, SES),
Provost (except Faculties)
Vice Chancellor and President
X2295 North Sydney
Portfolio Management Accountant

Desiree Galila-Cacho

Portfolio Management Accountant
X9037 North Sydney
Management Accountant (Infrastructure) Jie Wilson Portfolio Management Accountant (Infrastructure)
-Client Assignment:
Office of COO
Service Delivery & Improvement  
Properties & Facilities
Capital Projects Finance

North Sydney

Faculty and Research Finance Managers

Position Name Responsibilities Phone Location
Faculty Finance Manager Penny Connor (Yurcevic) Theology and Philosophy X3943 Melbourne
Faculty Finance Manager Sam Kanaris Health Sciences X3638 Melbourne
Research Finance and Grants (Post-Award) Manager Kely Kirwan Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) X2858 North Sydney
Faculty Finance Manager Tony Rebeiro Education and Arts X3310 Melbourne
Faculty Finance Manager Deepika Devi Law and Business X2356 North Sydney

Finance Systems

Position Name Responsibilities Phone Location
Finance Systems Manager Kamini Nagodavithane Finance Systems X9036 North Sydney
Finance Systems Manager Trent Jeffreys Finance Systems X9051 North Sydney
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