Following a review aimed at streamlining and improving its work-related ground transportation options (both domestic and international).

This review looked at such aspects as:

  • Staff convenience, experience and safety;
  • Potential efficiencies and transparency for the University; and
  • Ease and speed of administration

We are pleased to announce that UBER will become the preferred ground transportation provider for ACU, in circumstances where public transport is not practical.

What is UBER?

UBER is a simple to use global transportation service that matches drivers and riders via its smartphone application.

What is UBER for Business?

UBER for Business offers all the features of the standard UBER transportation service, with work-related UBER trips being cashless, cardless and charged directly back to ACU.

Staff approved to use UBER for Business will be required to first setup a personal Uber account before they can be added to the system. To book an UBER for a work-related trip once active on ACU’s account, you simply tap on your Personal Profile and switch to your ACU Business Profile on your phone UBERApp. The cost of the trip is charged directly back to ACU and your trip receipt sent to your work email, so you won’t need to:

  • Carry cash
  • Collect a receipt
  • Use a credit card or
  • Deal with matching up expense items against reports

Correct project code

Your ACU Uber for Business account will be linked to your primary default code (entity-project code-source of funds) and this code will automatically be applied to each trip you make.

It is therefore very important that if you need to charge an alternative code that you know the correct account string (entity-project code-source of funds) for your trip, so the correct code is charged. The app requires you to select ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as to whether you are travelling on your primary default account string. Should you select ‘no’, you will be prompted to note the entity-project code-source of funds for the current trip, in the free text field on your Uber app.

Should you need to permanently change your default code please email with your new default code string and reviewer.

Important points

Please bear in mind that staff using ACU’s Uber for Business need to:

  • Use Uber for Business for appropriate business purposes only
  • Ensure there are no cheaper and practical alternative ground transportation options
  • Be responsible for ensuring that Uber is legal in the country they are travelling in
  • Be mindful of travelling at times when pricing surges (Dynamic Pricing) and surcharges apply, if their ride is not time-sensitive
  • What is Dynamic Pricing?  Uber's fares are dynamically priced. This means that the fare a rider sees is based on variables subject to change over time. These variables include (but are not limited to) the estimated time and distance of the predicted route, estimated traffic, and the number of riders and drivers using Uber at a given moment. Dynamic fares help ensure that riders can always receive a quick pick up by matching the supply of drivers with the demand of riders. Dynamic pricing may cause fares to temporarily increase. This encourages more drivers to get on the road and head to areas of the city where demand for rides is higher than drivers' ability to accommodate all the ride requests happening at any moment.When fares are higher due to dynamic pricing, riders in cities with upfront fare pricing see the actual fare before they request a ride. In cities where upfront fares are not available, riders are notified by their app that fares are currently higher
  • Only use Uber X cars

Trip reviewer

Each staff member who has UBER for Business will need to provide a reviewer, this could be a manager or other nominated person to receive a weekly report directly from UBER detailing all the rides booked that week by the individual.

Please note that the reviewer may be required to:

  • Ask a staff traveller to provide clarifying or correcting information, such as Project Code. NB: This could potentially include requesting that a staff member put a trip back to their ‘personal’ Uber account if a personal trip has been accidentally selected for business travel.

How to connect with ACU UBER for Business 

Staff wishing to connect with UBER need to make a request for UBER for Business access via Service Central.

Staff wishing to book for themselves only would request the option UBER Travel. Staff nominated to be an UBER Central Booker would select this option. This will enable the Central Booker to book for themselves, other staff or non ACU staff and students.

For all other staff travellers incurring a ground transportation expense, the staff reimbursement process Staff Reimbursement Form will need to be undertaken to be reimbursed for the expense incurred.

Should you have any further queries, please email or contact UBER administrator Ai Nguyen.


How to install and use the UBER for Business app

Videos - How to install and use UBER for Business 

Step 1. Accepting your invitation

Step 2. Charging trips to your company

Step 3. Redirecting a trip payment

UBER for Business FAQs

Please contact Uber’s dedicated business support team at if you need any technical assistance with setting up your account.

Page last updated on 26/08/2020

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