Our three tiers of photography are: hero, community, and supporting. Each tier has been specifically developed with a purpose and objective in mind.

Hero photography

Hero photography is about impact,and works best for the University’s high-profile touch points, such as publication covers and marketing campaigns. It delivers bold,courageous, and engaging creative to achieve the necessary cut-through and call to action that our advertising needs to provide. It is used sparingly and only where appropriate, but to great effect. It is symbolic of our call to engage with empathy – see the world through the eyes of others – by inviting viewers to do just that.

Community photography

Community photography is a reflection of who we are at our core: a community of staff, students, and partners who are dedicated to making a positive difference in society, as well as in the lives of the individuals with whom we interact. This creative more overtly demonstrates how we are empathetically impacting the lives of those around us, and is intended to flavour all of our communications.

Supporting photography

Supporting photography captures both the innate and intimate aspects of our organisation’s multifaceted day-to-day life: from the social interactions that occur all over our campuses and facilities, to our collection of religious art. It is generally used in a supporting role,such as split imagery or on the inside of communications.

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