Facility Management staff ensure that all areas are presentable, safe and fit for purpose and aligned with the University’s mission and values.

Programmed Maintenance

Maintenance funds are used to ensure that the University’s facilities are maintained to the best standard possible while meeting statutory obligations and the operational needs of the University community.

Maintenance funding is prioritised and allocated according to the following factors:

  • statutory compliance
  • workplace health and safety
  • risk management
  • asset life cycles
  • impact on teaching and research programs
  • public appearance
  • property loss/damage.

Adhoc Repairs

Adhoc repairs are managed through Service Central. Please visit staff.acu.edu.au/servicecentral to submit any request for repairs.

All services are categorized into five different areas depending on severity, danger and the re-establishment of services. Each of the categories is based on the time from initialization up to and including completion of the task. There are times, when target dates/ times cannot be achieved due to lack of resources, spare parts or the need to address a more critical infrastructure issue.

EMERGENCY - within 60 mins from any part of the campus

URGENT - within 04 hours from any part of the campus

IMPORTANT - within 72 hours from any part of the campus

ROUTINE - within 96 hours of the reported incident

MAINTENANCE - within 30 days of the reported incident 

Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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