All contracts are performance based and a thorough review process is performed quarterly involving at least three levels of management to ensure fairness, consistency and the correct levels of engagement and contractual oversight.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning services are delivered on each campus by a specialized service provider who is experienced and knowledgeable in current cleaning standards and able to provide an optimized turn-key solution to ACU. Whilst frequently you will see day cleaners, a majority of the work is performed on campus during the early mornings and late evenings by a significantly larger team of staff.


Landscape services are delivered on each campus by a specialized service provider who is experienced and knowledgeable in current horticultural standards and able to provide an optimized turn-key solution to ACU. Our landscape providers are highly engaged with arborist who also performs tree audits and hazard reports across all our campuses.

Pest Control & Hygiene Services

An important part of the daily life at ACU is the pest control and hygiene services associated with or washrooms and tea rooms. Facilities Management has a detailed pest control program and hygiene services which include air fresheners, urinal cleaning, sharp needles disposals and vendor machine maintenance.

Facilities Management regularly arrange a bulk disposal of refrigerators’ contents; however, we encourage all staff to clean out all perishables on a weekly basis to reduce infestation and rodents.

Waste & Recycling

ACU is a strong advocate for reduction of waste to landfill under its Sustainability Plan. This is a collaboration of multiple stakeholders across the organization including cleaners, waste providers, Facilities Management and Sustainability. Waste is disposed of in four main streams (recycled, landfill, paper and cardboard and plastics).

In addition to the mainstream waste services Facilities Management also support the faculty of Health Sciences with the ethical and safe disposal of contaminated and bio waste as well as hazardous chemicals.  ACU seeks documented certificates from our waste service providers to ensure that the correct disposal of all waste is performed to ensure that our environment is not compromised.

Signage Repairs & Upgrades

The upgrade of signage across all campuses is carried out through three different levels of management and engagement.

Individual Rooms/ Offices – These plaques maybe updated and modified by accessing the template online and performing the modification yourself.

Floors and Directional Signage – Where a modification is required and is not a part of a capital works, renovation or upgrade these changes can be requested through Facilities Management and the Service Portal.

Major Upgrades and Renovations – Where an area/ floor is being upgraded as a part of a DCP project, all signage relating to these changes will be incorporated in the project and upgraded accordingly.

Logistic Services – Exams/ Office Relocations

If you require to relocate due to an office upgrade, renovation or refurbishment Facilities Management can assist with the coordination of your move. Submit a Service Central request a week prior to the planned moving date to have boxes and packing tape delivered to pack your books, files, and personnel belongings. 

Facilities Management team will set up tables and chairs and configure exams rooms. Facilities Management will also arrange secure movement of exam papers.

Pool Services

Where a campus is equipped with an outdoor swimming pool, Facilities Management have engaged a specialized service provider to ensure that chemical analysis is in accordance with state requirements. All water analysis results are recorded in a register and automated chemical dosing equipment adjusted to compensate for the variations in chemical readings.

Whilst both pool locations are monitored by CCTV cameras, it is highly recommended that all students and staff arrange for a buddy system to ensure (that if an incident does occur) a quick response can be coordinated through the buddy network.


Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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