Facilities Management play a key element in the management of WHS in the daily operation of the campus, ensuring that all building assets are safe, habitable and compliant. Reporting directly through the ACU-WHS Committee, Facilities Management manages the following services as a part of its roles and responsibilities across the organization.

Contractor Inductions & Management

Critical to ensuring that all campuses are safe for staff and students, each contractor that is engaged by Facilities Management to perform work on site, undergoes a detailed site specific induction process ensuring that they are well versed and aware of the local environment, operating demands and ACU culture. Access to the contractor induction portal can be found here http://orders.complyflow.com.au/acu

Each contractor is checked and verified to ensure that they have all the necessary licenses, insurances and national police checks necessary to undertake work at ACU.

Authorized contractors must display their ACU ID Card at all times. If you see a contractor not wearing the card (pictured right) please contact Security immediately on 9052 to investigate on your behalf.

Building Codes

Facilities Management review all buildings and their compliance with current buildings codes frequently. FM utilises a specialised building compliance consultant to review each building twice a year (and quarterly in VIC) for paths of travel and general building compliance. Maintenance records are reviewed and any outstanding maintenance issues, faults or errors noted to ensure that all building, critical infrastructure and services are available for occupation.

DDA Compliance

Each building is reviewed to maximize compliance with current DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) standards. Areas/floors are upgraded progressively as major refurbishment is performed to maximize the buildings DDA compliance levels.

Property Risk Audits (PRA)

Facilities Management undertake two complete Property Risk Audits (PRA) per year with the assistance of external WHS Auditors and Risk Assessors. These audits are performed on all areas of the building, including roof spaces, plantrooms, stairwells, pits and other areas not commonly accessed by the general public.

Each defect is logged and recorded in a management system to ensure that defects can be addressed and sign-off or reductions in risk ratings are only approved by multiple levels of FM Management.

Roof Access & Confined Spaces

Hazardous areas of each building are logged and a register maintained within a centralized and local data base. These areas are inspected annually to ensure that compliance ratings are reviewed and managed in accordance with WHS guidelines etc.

Test & Tag, RCD and Body Protection

The test and tag of appliances, computers, AV equipment, hand tools, fixed machinery are tested in accordance with AS 3760 and inspection intervals vary according to the risk profile and the location of the equipment. Cleaning Equipment and FM Workshop equipment are serviced more frequently for wear and tear and potential risk for damage and electrocution.

RCD (Residual Current Devices) are installed on all ACU campuses and where applicable in accordance with AS 3000. The frequency of testing these devices is performed in accordance with AS 3760 and performed by a license and accredited service provider.

In selected areas where Body Protected Electrical Circuits are installed, these devices and circuits are tested in accordance with AS 3760 and similar to the RCD circuits.

Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers are highly sensitive and secured in a locked area where only authorized personnel can gain access. All cooling towers at ACU are registered with local council and have a site specific cooling tower management plan which incorporates water testing, water treatment, cleaning and the biological analysis of water samples by an external and independent laboratory.


Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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