Security Services ensure that each campus is not only safe, but its infrastructure is protected and monitored by a sophisticated networks of high tech systems.

For routine enquires and assistance call your campus number. Alternatively, if you are faced with an uncomfortable situation or need urgent assistance call 1300 729 452 or 8888. In a life-threatening situation dial Triple Zero.

Roving Patrols & Welfare Checks

As a part of promoting a better and safer working environment, Security performs daily welfare checks and workplace inspections to ensure that work environment is safe and secure. If you have concerns about visitors, observe anything peculiar or you have any question about your safety at ACU, please reach out to your local Security Officer who will be able to assist or escalate the matter for further investigation.

CCTV Monitoring & Management

Every campus is equipped with a comprehensive network of CCTV cameras installed in key locations.  Each camera has the capabilities of night vision, Infrared and ultra-low light recording. Cameras are progressively being upgraded to self-diagnostic and analytic models to activate an alarm when the field of view changes (i.e. a person walks through the vision path).

ACU’s CCTV network is on the leading edge of technology and is managed via the NSC located in North Sydney. This facility is exclusively dedicated to ACU’s security operation and operates with multiple levels of communication links to campus security teams, regional police operations, federal police, emergency services and Facilities Management.

Access Control

All ACU buildings are guarded by a unique digitally encrypted access control network of RFID readers, door locks and devices specifically designed to allow flexibility throughout the campuses by ACU staff, whilst also offer a greater level of intruder protection.

Security requests that you never chock open or wedge the doors open therefore allowing any unauthorized person to gain entry to a restricted workplace.

Intruder Alarms

All ACU buildings are equipped with Intruder alarms which are interfaced and connected to the Access Control System and where possible the CCTV System. When staff wish to re-enter the workplace after hours, or on weekends, contact security on 8888 to notify that you are entering the area. When entering the area, access can be achieved by swiping your ID card, which will automatically deactivate the alarms in your area.

When departing from the workplace after hours, we request that you slowly and steadily pass the ID card three times over the swipe reader. The door will then lock close and the LED light will change from Green to Blue. This indicates that the area is now secured (locked) and that the intruder alarm has been successfully reactivated.

Critical Incident Management

ACU is well positioned to manage incidents and critical incidents. Critical Incident Response Group is poised and ready to lead ACU should an incident occur. With a fully integrated security system, ACU has a dedicated and integrated security control room facilities that are set up to act as a conduit of communications and information.

Critical Incident scenarios and mock events are performed every six months across all ACU campuses where simulated scenarios are rehearsed and different escalation and management procedures are tested and validated.

Evacuation Alarms

ACU maintains an Emergency Evacuation Alarm System in all owned and occupied buildings. The system operates to sound two types of alarm:

'BEEP BEEP BEEP'   Is a sound that is heard in the EVAC system to indicate to building occupants to pack up belongings, remove any loose paper, close all windows and doors and familiarize yourself with your nearest evacuation assembly point.

'WOOP WOOP WOOP'    Indicates that all building occupants should calmly and swiftly make their way to the nearest emergency evacuation point in a single line whilst remaining vigilant and helping others. Please take with you only your personal belongings that are easily transportable.

Safezone & Duress Alarms

Multiple duress alarms are installed throughout all campuses ranging from pendant types for councilors to fixed duress alarms on poles across a campus to our preferred and most flexible device – SafeZone.

ACU encourage all staff and students to download the Safezone App and register their details. The Safezone App will assist Security in locating the distressed person on the campus.  Please, help yourself today and download the Safezone App.

If you are ever in a position when you are walking through an ACU campus and you simply do not feel safe, immediately reach for your Safezone App and activate the alarm. Security will be able to respond immediately. Alternatively, please contact Emergency Services on 000 for assistance. Always stay in a well-lit location and attempt to locate a CCTV camera. Once you find a camera stay nearby where Security can monitor your location and dispatch local campus security to your location.

Escorting Services

If you are working late at night and feel uncomfortable to return to your vehicle, feel free to contact Security on Ext 9045 to coordinate an escort service. Security will arrive at your workplace and will escort you to a safe place or your vehicle.

First Aid Incidents

Facilities Management services and maintains all the first aid boxes and AED devices on each campus. In conjunction with Human Resources each campus has a team of dedicated First Aid Officers able to respond to any first aid event, critical incident or medical emergency.

If you are interested to become a First Aider and assist your fellow workmates, please contact Human Resources to register your interest in becoming a part of the first aid team on your local campus.


Page last updated on 30/07/2021

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