Aboriginal Education contexts NSW

The units of work here are examples of ways in which teachers can use an integrated approach to program the course. There are teaching programs, assessment strategies and tasks, marking guidelines, student worksheets and lists of resources. Teachers are encouraged to modify the teaching programs to fit their own local contexts and interests.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures

This project aims to further develop an understanding of the learning across the curriculum content areas as it unpacks in greater detail the conceptual ideas of the three cross curriculum priorities identified in the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians, to give examples of what these concepts will look like at each stage.


Aboriginal Perspectives in Environmental Education

An Ongoing Journey Brewongle Environmental Education Centre Longneck Lagoon Environmental Education Centre. This resource has been complied for teachers in Western Sydney who are beginning their journey to incorporate Aboriginal perspectives into their classroom practice and whole of school framework.



Copacabana Public School

Links to hundreds of interactive activities for use in your classroom. These pages contain a collection of links to suitable activities to support & enhance classroom teaching & learning. The thumbnails & activities are the property of the authors/creators & only available due to their generosity.





Aboriginal Education NSW

The Aboriginal Education Contexts site showcases examples of school-developed context-based teaching and learning projects collaboratively developed by teachers, Aboriginal education workers and local community members.



Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority

These Units of Work are aligned to the National Curriculum and embed the teachings, knowledges and histories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.


Catholic Education Melbourne

The following units have been designed to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into integrated units of work that are traditionally taught in Primary schools.


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