Journal and book information

‘The Planets in Indigenous Australian Traditions’. Hamacher, D. W., & Banks, K. 2018. Traditions.

‘Using modern technologies to capture and share indigenous astronomical knowledge’. Nakata, M., Hamacher, D., Warren, J., Byrne, A., Pagnucco, M., Harley, R., ... & Bolt, R. 2014. Australian Academic & Research Libraries, 45(2), 101-110.

‘On the astronomical knowledge and traditions of Aboriginal Australians’. Hamacher, D.W. 2012. Macquarie University.

Online articles and essays

‘To Find Meteorites, Listen to the Legends of Australian Aborigines’. Zielinski, Sarah. 2014.

‘Stories from the sky: astronomy in Indigenous knowledge’.  Hamacher, Duane. 2014.

‘Indigenous astronomy to revitalise the Australian curriculum’. de Napoli, Krystal. 2018.

‘Kindred skies: Ancient Greeks and Aboriginal Australians saw constellations in common’. Hamacher, Duane. 2017.


Aboriginal astronomy. 

Other Media

65,000 yrs - the great history of Australian Aboriginal Astronomy. Banks, Kristen 2019.


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