Journal and book information

Dudgeon, P., Holland, C. (2016). The contexts and causes of suicide among Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people.

Hunter, E. & Milroy, H. (2006). Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide in Context.

Online article and essay

Australia has been silent on Indigenous suicide for too long, and it must change. Hirst, Julia, 2019.

Indigenous suicide: 35 dead in three months, including three 12 year old children. Allam, Lorena, 2019.

Why are we losing so many Indigenous children to suicide? Dudgeon, Pat, Hiroven, Tanja, 2019.

Suicide at 'crisis' levels among Aboriginal children as leaders fear it will become 'normal'. Higgins, Isabella, 2019.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Evaluation Project. University of Western Australia.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide: origins, trends and incidence. Department of Health, Australian government.
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