Journal and book information

Venn, T. J., & Quiggin, J. (2007). Accommodating indigenous cultural heritage values in resource assessment: Cape York Peninsula and the Murray–Darling Basin, Australia. Ecological Economics, 61(2-3), 334-344.

Online article and essay

Australia’s problem with Aboriginal World Heritage. Lilley, Ian; Pocock, Celmara, 2018.

Four ways Western Australia can improve Aboriginal heritage management. Jones, Todd, 2016.

Indigenous Australians know we're the oldest living culture – it's in our Dreamtime. Behrendt, Larissa, 2016.

The ring trees of Victoria’s Watti Watti people are an extraordinary part of our heritage. Power, Jacqueline, 2018.

Djab Wurrung protesters continue their fight for sacred trees. Hayman-Reber, Madeline, 2019.


McConvell, P., & Thieberger, N. (2001). State of Indigenous languages in Australia-2001, Australia State of the Environment Second Technical Paper Series (Natural and Cultural Heritage), Department of the Environment and Heritage, Canberra.

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