1. Why should I complete the Professional Experience (ProfEx) survey?

Your views on Work Integrated Learning (WIL) at ACU (what worked and what didn't work) are very important. Student feedback collected through ProfEx surveys helps your Lecturers, Faculty and University improve the experience of all ACU students by providing information about placement, and where and when students need support. Feedback is also important for the review and accreditation of courses at ACU, and supporting supervisors of students on placement.

The ProfEx survey focuses on student experiences of WIL, before, during and after they have completed their placement for a particular unit.

The SELT survey allows students to provide feedback on their coursework units and the teaching of lecturers/tutors in those units.

No. The faculty will advise the learning and teaching centre (LTC) which placement units to include in the ProfEx surveys, which are then removed from the SELT surveys. You will only be asked to complete either the SELT or the ProfEx survey for each of your units.

Please note that the early grade release initiative only applies to the completion of SELT surveys – read more about this in the Student FAQs.

The ProfEx surveys can be accessed in your LEO homepage, in the same way you access your student evaluation of learning and teaching (SELT) surveys. Any incomplete ProfEx surveys will appear in the evaluations block after logging in to LEO.

See more information on How to complete a SELT survey via LEO.

No. Academic staff do not have access to such information at any time. The ProfEx surveys are administered centrally through the learning and teaching Centre (LTC). LTC is a central area of the university that reports to the deputy vice-chancellor (students, learning & teaching). All survey results are reported anonymously, and student feedback is confidential.

Your feedback is stored in a database - only anonymous and aggregated information is included in the survey reports. Written comments are listed for the whole group, without indicating who provided them. A survey report is generated if at least five (5) students have completed the survey. These strategies help to ensure anonymity for students.

The online survey system has many sections and each area has a particular function. One area stores information for creating ProfEx surveys (including student and unit details), another stores all survey responses and there are areas for various reports. As soon as a student responds to a particular survey, the system automatically removes their name from the list for the class, and adds the student's feedback to a pool of responses for the unit.

The system sends reminders to non-responders on a pre-defined schedule. These reminders are 'personalised' by using student names which are populated automatically by referencing the class list within Banner (ACU's student information management system). At no time does any faculty or school staff member have access to student details stored in the online evaluation database.

Reminders are sent to students with any incomplete surveys. Please log in to LEO to view your evaluations block and confirm that you have submitted all your ProfEx surveys. You will continue to receive reminders until all your surveys are submitted.

Units with 10 or less students are not included in the ProfEx surveys. If students in these units wish to provide feedback about their experience, they should complete the online Informal feedback form.

The reports of the ProfEx survey data is made available to executive deans, associate deans, learning and teaching and national heads of schools.

Surveys cannot be completed after the survey period has closed and the deadline will not be extended. If students wish to provide informal feedback, they should complete the online Informal feedback form.

Students provide valuable feedback on a range of areas in relation their placement experience. You may wish to comment on the timing and content of assessments, on-site induction and supervisions, the resources provided and how your skills/confidence has developed. You may also want to suggest ideas for improving professional experience opportunities. Please ensure that any comments you make are constructive. Click here for more information about providing constructive feedback.

Contact Evaluations.LTC@acu.edu.au with any queries or to provide feedback about the ProfEx survey.

Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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