If you need to submit a video assignment for your unit, ACU provides two systems you can use to create, upload and use videos for assessment. Video files are usually too large to be uploaded directly as files into an assignment in your unit, so instead you can upload your videos to one of these systems and link to or embed your video in your assignment submission.

Note: Your tutor may require you to use a specific method of uploading and providing the video for a submission, so make sure to carefully read the assessment task requirements in your unit outline.


Echo360 is accessible by navigating to Echo360.org.au and logging in using your ACU username and password.

With Echo360 you can:


Kaltura is accessible inside LEO using the My Media link under the Dashboard link in the Navigation menu.

With Kaltura you can:

Echo360 and Kaltura will convert whatever format video you upload into its own format. In some cases, this may degrade the quality of the video slightly.

It is still important that you keep copies of your original video material on your computer, on portable media (such as USB sticks) or in cloud storage (preferably all three).

Local computer storage

Keep a copy of your video files not only in your OneDrive, iCloud or Dropbox, but at home or on your laptop as well.

Removable media

USB sticks may be a good portable option, and can also be used simply as a backup.

Cloud storage

Online file storage (or "cloud" storage) can come in many forms that you have probably encountered, such as Cloudstor, Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Most of these services have a free space option that you can use. 

Using CloudStor

CloudStor lets you store up to 1TB free storage. You can use CloudStor using your ACU account.

If you are using CloudStor for the first time, please follow the instructions below: 

1. Go to this link https://cloudstor.aarnet.edu.au/

2. Click Australian Catholic University from the list of institutions provided.

3. You will be directed to an ACU log-in page, please log-in with your ACU account. 

Once you have logged in successfully you will be taken to the library homepage.

Streaming media should work on all modern internet browsers, however for the best experience we recommend using Firefox or Chrome on your PC or Mac. One or both of these programs should already be installed on student lab computers. For home, laptop, phone or tablet use, you can download either of these programs and install on your device.

Microsoft Edge, the default browser in Windows 10, is also capable of streaming media, as well as using the browser-based editing tools. Older browsers, such as Internet Explorer, are not suitable when using such tools.

Safari browser on Mac and PC

If you are using the default browser Safari on Apple iOS devices, you may experience issues when attempting to stream media or use the uploading and editing tools. This may be due to a combination of security settings in the latest versions of the software on desktop or mobile devices. If you experience issues, please follow the steps in these guides:

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