my media navigation linkYou can upload, manage and edit videos in My Media, which you may then use for assessment tasks and as assignment submissions. You may also:

To find your My Media library, log in to LEO, then in the Navigation menu choose the Dashboard > My Media.

Your My Media library

On your My Media page you will see a list of your videos in your media library, displayed by most recent first:

my media page

From this screen you can perform various actions on existing media, or add new media to your library:

  • Add new videos using the Add New button (see below on How to upload to My Media).
  • Edit the video details by clicking the Edit button (grey 'pencil' icon)
  • Delete the video by clicking the Delete button (grey 'trash can' icon)
  • Sort the list by clicking the Sort By: link above the media list
  • Filter for videos of a certain type using the Filters button
  • Search for a specific video by using the Search My Media field

How to upload to My Media

If you're using Kaltura Capture to create videos, they will automatically be saved to My Media when you use the Upload function. If you have a video file you've created elsewhere, either on the computer or using your phone, you can upload directly to your My Media by following these steps.

To upload a video file to My Media:

  1. Log into LEO and go to Dashboard > My Media in the Navigation menu.
  2. On the My Media page, select the Add New button and choose Media Upload:
    click Media Upload
  1. Select the Choose a File to Upload button and choose a video file from your computer to upload.
  2. On the Upload Media page you will see a progress bar as the file is uploading, plus some information about the video you are publishing:
    uploading a video int
    While the video is uploading you can:
    • Give your video a title in the Name field.
    • Add a description to your video (use the basic editing options to format the description text if you wish).
    • Add tags the to video if you like.
  1. Wait until the video has uploaded (you will see a green "100% complete" message at the top of the screen).
  2. Click the Save button to save the new video file.

This video can now be selected when you submit a video for an assessment.

Important tip: The speed of your internet connection is usually not an issue when viewing Kaltura videos. However, if you are uploading large videos to Kaltura, it might take too long to do so from your home, especially if you do not have fast broadband upload speeds. Most home broadband connections (e.g., ADSL2+, Cable, NBN) have fast download speeds (10 Mbps or faster) but slow upload speeds (slower than 5 Mbps, sometimes even less than 1 Mbps).

My video is not uploading!

While uploading your video, it might seem to "get stuck" or not be working at all. There are a few possible reasons why uploading your video to Kaltura might stall or completely stop working:

  1. Problems with your web browser - If you have many web browser tabs open, this might create problems during the upload process, especially if the other web sites you have visited are running scripts that are using up your web browser's (and computer's) resources. If you are having problems uploading your video, it might be useful to close these other tabs to allow your web browser to do its work with Kaltura.
  2. Problems with your internet connection - Sometimes, even when using a network with high download AND upload speeds, your connection might still drop out long enough to make it difficult for LEO, Kaltura or your web browser to recover and continue your video's upload process. Your WiFi connection may drop out for a moment, causing the system to stop uploading your video and not properly resume.
  3. Problems with either LEO or the Kaltura web server - LEO and Kaltura are applications that run on web sites which sometimes experience extremely high levels of usage. Though rare, the applications themselves may be critically affected by some technical issues. Situations like these may impact negatively on your video upload.

If you cannot determine which of the three factors above are affecting your video upload, it usually helps to stop and try again after some period of time, perhaps after half an hour or so. It is also useful to check your email for any ACU IT Advisory messages that may point to factors affecting your use of Kaltura.

Page last updated on 13/08/2020

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