In the Active Learning Platform (ALP) you can use a Class for each teaching session you wish to run for students. A Class in ALP can incorporate a presentation that you can use to run an Active Class.

For example, if you were teaching in a standard semester period, you may have 12 lectures, labs or tutorial sessions with your students. You can create a Class for any or all of your sessions, and include a Presentation and recording for each.

Automatically-created classes

If your unit has lectures that will be automatically recorded by Echo360, a Class will be automatically created in ALP for each of these lectures. Using ALP you can add a presentation to them, and create your own additional classes if you wish.

How to create your own classes

If your unit does not have automatically created Classes, or you wish to make your own, you can create them yourself by following these steps:

  1. Link to ALP from your LEO unit and link the activity to your section home.
  2. Click the activity link in LEO to open your unit in ALP.
  3. In ALP, click the New Class button at the top right of the screen:
    New Class button
  4. Fill in the name, start date, start time, duration, and description for your new class, then click the OK button:
    The new class settings with title and description
  5. You will now see your new class listed in the classes section of your unit in ALP:
    The add presentation and edit buttons
    From here you can:
  • Add a video or presentation to this class by clicking the blue plus icon.
  • Edit the details of this class by clicking the grey pencil icon.

When students access the unit in ALP using the activity link in LEO, they will be able to see all your classes and when they will be on, as well as view any recordings or presentations that you have made available for them.

Note: Classes you create yourself will not be automatically recorded at the time you set. If you wish to record your class, you must start the recording manually (see the how to use ALP functions page).

You can group together classes by using the Collections function. When on the list of Classes in ALP:

  1. Click the New Collection button in the top right of the screen:
    New Collection button
  2. Fill in the name for the Collection. The dates and descriptions are optional. Click the OK button to create the collection:
    New collection details screen

Your new Collection will now appear in the Classes list.

To add Classes to a Collection:

  1. Click the Reorder button above the list of classes:
    The reorder button
  2. Click, hold and drag a Class, and hold it over the Collection name. When the Collection name highlights blue, drop it into the Collection. The Class should now be listed under the Collection, for example:
    Classes in a collection
    You can now click and drag each class inside the collection to reorder the position of classes within that collection.
  3. Click the Save button to finish reordering.
  1. Click the Reorder button above the classes list:
    The reorder button
  2. Click, hold and drag a class or collection up or down the list. When the preview shows the item at the correct position in the list, drop it into place. You can also click the up and down arrows to adjust the position of a class, as indicated in the image below:
    Reordering classes
  3. When the order or classes and collections is correct, click the Save button to finish.
Page last updated on 18/06/2020

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