The File tool allows you to upload and display a variety of resources in your unit, such as a Word document or PDF of your unit outline, PowerPoint slides for your lecture, or an Excel spreadsheet for data used for an assessment task.

It is important to follow proper copyright processes when adding a file to your LEO unit. Readings and other copyrighted material should be made available to students using a Leganto Reading List instead of being uploaded into your unit as a file.

How to add a file using the File resource

file activity

  1. Navigate to your LEO unit and click the Turn editing on button.
  2. In the section of your LEO unit where you want to add the file, click the Add an activity or resource link.
  3. Give your file resource a Name, which will be displayed in the LEO unit as a clickable link. You may also add a Description if desired.
  4. Add your file to the Select files section in one of two ways:
    • Click the Add button, then click the Browse button, choose the file from your computer, then click the Upload this file button.
    • Drag and drop your file from the Explorer or Finder window on your computer into the Select files section of the settings.
  5. Click Save and return to unit when you are done.

Your file will now be displayed as a link in your LEO unit.

How to add a file using drag and drop

You can drag and drop files directly onto the unit page to add files into the targeted section:

  1. Navigate to your LEO unit and click the Turn editing on button.
  2. Drag and drop the file from the Explorer or Finder window onto the section where you want to add the file:
    Drag and drop file into LEO
  3. Wait for the file to upload. The file will be added with the file name, which you may need to modify to be more friendly to users.
  4. Edit the name of the file link by clicking the Pencil icon next to the file resource, modify the title, then click the Enter button:Pencil icon to change link name

As with other resources and activities, you can also edit the settings of the resource to change the name and other settings.

Display resource description

Check this option to display the text you've added into the Description field. This can be useful to give students the context of why the file is available for them to access.


The default Display setting is New Window. This option is generally favourable because it open the file in a new browser tab (if possible) or prompts the user to open or save the file to their computer.

The other options available to you in the Display dropdown are:

  • Embed - The file will be displayed in the page within LEO, below the navigation bar together with the file description.
  • Automatic - Attempts to open the link in the best available way.
  • Force download - When the link is clicked on, the file will automatically download onto the computer or device the student is using.
  • Open - The file will be displayed in the browser window.
  • In pop-up - The file will open in a new browser window without menus or an address bar.

You can also include a timestamp for when the file was uploaded or modified by checking the Show upload/modified date option.

Other LEO resources or activities

A File resource is for a single resource. If you need to create a collection of files that can be downloaded, you may use the Folder tool instead.

A File is a downloadable resource. If you wish to present your content in the unit rather than as a downloadable resource, consider using a Book or a Page instead. You can also include files as links inside activities, such as the Lesson activity, to create a context around the learning materials.

If the content of your file is available online, a URL resource can be used to link to the website or online document. You can even use the URL tool to link to documents uploaded to your unit in the content of your other resources.

Equella resources

You can also upload documents to Equella (also known as LEO Content) and add them to your unit using the Content resource. You can link to this same file from multiple places in LEO, meaning that if you update the Equella item, every link to it will use the updated version.

File resource in MoodleDocs 3.9


File upload includes browse and upload or drag and drop options.


You can also drag and drop files directly into the unit.

Page last updated on 11/02/2021

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