External tool activity

Only lecturers who have been allocated access to ACU Unitpulse by the Learning and Teaching Centre can add it as a tool to their LEO unit.

  1. Navigate to your unit from within LEO.
  2. Click 'Turn editing on'
  3. Scroll down to the section in your LEO unit where you would like to add the ACU Unitpulse tool, then click on ‘Add an activity or resource’. From the options given under the ‘Activities’ heading select ‘External tool' and then click on ‘Add’. In the new page that opens up you will be able to edit the settings for your ACU Unitpulse activity (example ACU Unitpulse title 'Provide feedback')
  4. In the preconfigured tool field select ACU Unitpulse from the drop down menu
  5. Once you have selected your settings as appropriate, click on ‘Save and return to unit’ to return to the main page of your LEO Unit.
NOTE: Clicking on any of the section headings in the Settings page will expand that section, allowing you to edit the settings as appropriate.  Under Privacy remove the tick 'accept grades from tool'.
External Tool settings for Unitpulse

Useful Tips

For more information about how to use ACU Unitpulse in your LEO unit go to Access and Using ACU Unitpulse.

Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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