Sharing Your Content in Zoom

When you first login to your room/meeting, select share screen.

select Share Screen

There are several options to select from when sharing content. The Basic tab contains the following options;

  • Share Desktop: This will share your complete desktop. All content will be visible to participants.Make sure your desktop is clear and not cluttered with icons and doesn’t contain any sensitive material
  • WhiteBoard: This will load a WhiteBoard with familiar editing tools. The WhiteBoard can be used for collaborative work and the contents can be saved locally
  • Share Application: Share a particular application, such as powerpoint or a video you have created. When sharing YouTube videos within powerpoint, it is important to share your screen in full screen mode.
  • Iphone/iPad via airplay: Share content from your iPhone or iPad, such as photos or videos.When you first select this option, you will be prompted to load a plugin
  • Iphone/iPad via cable: You can share content from your iPhone or iPad, such as photos or videos. This connection id via a cable
basic tab for several options to select from when sharing content

The advanced tab contains the following options.

  • Portion of a screen: You can control the size of the area of your screen you want to share. Simply click on the green boarder and drag to re-size.Click and hold the top of the frame to drag into place.
  • Music or computer sound only: Share audio from your computer without sharing your screen.
  • Content from 2nd camera: Share content from a second camera, such as a document camera.
advanced Tab

At the bottom of the share screen option are two check boxes and the share button, which will share your option selected above.

share Screen Option and optimize Screen Share Option

It is important that you select the share computer sound box if you are going play a video, otherwise the participants won’t hear the audio of the video.

You can use the control along the top of the screen to change your sharing options.

New Share: seamlessly switch to another sharing option such as, from application to whiteboard

Pause Share: Nobody can see your screen when you have pause sharing. To start sharing again, select Resume from the menu bar.

You can control sharing options from the arrow located on the zoom meeting room control options located along the bottom of the meeting room.

control sharing options
Page last updated on 23/07/2020

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