Sub services

  • Provide face-to-face, email, phone, web, social media, SMS and chat assistance with student administration issues, including assisting with accepting offers and enrolment, payment of fees, production of student ID cards and transcripts.
  • Respond to and coordinate responses to general student enquiries received, and work with students in progression of their courses.
  • Build and maintain a comprehensive knowledge base of frequently asked questions to support students 24/7.
  • Respond to tier one enquiries from students for IT support, international student enquiries and Engagement activities.
  • Answer prospective and current tier one student enquiries on courses and pathway options.
  • Develop the University's admissions planning linked to load (in conjunction with Provost).
  • Oversee all domestic admission schemes.
  • Assess and process applications to ensure eligibility requirements are met.
  • Maintain and apply precedents based on pathway agreements, update student records, and process approved credit applications onto student records.
  • Manage student-initiated enrolment requests and process student record changes including request for changes to credit point limits, applications for rights of correction, prerequisite waivers, withdrawal from course, withdrawal without academic penalty, waiver of late fee, cross-institutional enrolments and interruption of studies.
  • Manage staff-initiated enrolment processes and student record changes including unit substitutions, course coordinator amendments, time tickets and Executive Dean waivers.
  • Process enrolment fees and charges, extensions and refunds for all students.
  • Manage financial relationship with external sponsors and manage fees and charges for sponsors and sponsored students.
  • Coordinate the fees-setting process, configure fees and charges in Banner, analyse and coordinate response to legislative changes.
  • Manage scholarship application and selection process and coordinate payments
  • Advise on scholarship and awards policy and procedure, support design of new scholarships, approval of scholarship rules
  • Coordinate the design of promotion and communication of information regarding scholarships to current and future students.
  • Assess and process applications
  • Manage student progression and provide support on course progression policy and procedure interpretation.
  • Support the implementation of academic progress regulations including providing data and recording outcomes.
  • Identify and assess students eligible to graduate
  • Coordinate course completion assessment process, including quality checks and ratification.
  • Manage examinations including processing results, progression, review and change of grade, coordinate provision of exam papers, execute student communications in response to student grades, e.g. exam scheduling and exam supervision.
  • Arrange production of exam papers, manage receipt of papers (location and date management), distribute papers to academic staff and back to students.
  • Process special consideration applications and deferred and supplementary examinations requests.
  • Coordinate conferral processes
  • Design, coordinate and deliver graduation ceremonies.
  • Schedule class activity, student timetabling and casual room bookings for teaching activities (including ad hoc bookings for teaching space).
  • Oversee class allocation process.
  • Develop documentation for course approval, Faculty Board, Courses and Academic Quality Committee (CAQC), and Academic Board approval.
  • Maintain, update and publish course structure and unit information, and admission requirements.
  • Provide tier two advice on course rules, nomenclature and course progression, preparation of unit outlines, course enrolment guides and other documents.
  • Manage Course Progression Systems.
  • Provide advice and support on student appeals and complaints.
  • Manage student feedback and complaints via complaints portal.
  • Manage appeals through the appeals process including the University Appeals Committees and the Independent Reviewer.
  • Manage appeals through the appeals process, including the University Appeals Committees and the Independent Reviewer.
  • Maintain official student record including student personal information, academic record, complaints and breaches of academic honesty.
  • Issue student ID cards.
  • Process academic transcripts, AHEGS, testamurs and other academic documents.
  • Manage student and course databases including Student Information System (Banner), Handbook Database, Class Registration, e-forms, Timetabling System, exam scheduler and examinations database, and Course Browser.
  • Maintain schedule for policy reviews
  • Review and update policies according to policy review schedule
  • Conduct sector benchmarking
  • Provide policy interpretation and advice
  • Develop new policies as required.
  • Conduct sector benchmarking
  • Prepare briefings and papers.
  • Manage research candidature administration throughout the student lifecycle, including enquiry and admission, enrolment and re-enrolment, scholarship assessments and payments, fees, assessment and examination, course progression and completion.
  • Business ownership of the student system platform.
  • Perform configuration within Banner and relevant systems
  • Provide support, training and access for Banner and relevant systems.
  • Undertake university Commonwealth (Federal) and State Government and agencies’ reporting functions.
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