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  • Develop and implement a WHS Management Framework that provides the ACU Community with a safe and healthy learning and working environment.
  • Manage WHS communications, records management and associated information, and technology systems.
  • Facilitate effective WHS reporting, information sharing and knowledge transfer to inform organisational decision making. Ensure WHS governance is in place and effective.
  • Undertake structured WHS Risk Management and Assessment.
  • Facilitate early identification of hazards and assessment of risk.
  • Implement risk controls and update both Organisational Unit Risk Register and ACU Risk Register.
  • Review/audit identified WHS risk by organisational unit or sub-unit (i.e. School) and identify any new WHS risks. Utilise either internal audit processes or external auditors depending on requirements and applicability to operational context in order to ensure quality check of appropriate risk identification and compliance.
  • Inform, consult and involve all relevant WHS stakeholders in the managing of WHS issues. Promote and maintain a positive safety culture.
  • Undertake comprehensive and timely investigations of WHS issues as they arise. Take remedial and/or corrective action supported by effective reporting to inform and minimise future risk.
  • Ensure organisational unit meetings have WHS as a standard agenda item and where appropriate at sub-unit level (i.e. School) as well.
  • Ensure all staff are involved in relevant WHS training appropriate to their position.
  • Ensure University guidelines provide guidance on the provision and procurement of WHS services (maintenance, construction and building, air quality, dangerous good storage and disposal, waste management, equipment testing and tagging).
  • Ensure associated audits are undertaken and reports provided for the rectification of defects.
  • Manage contractors and sub-contractors effectively to ensure the appropriateness of their own safety management systems and compliance with ACU safety management systems.
Page last updated on 13/02/2023

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