1.5.1 This Agreement covers and is binding according to its terms upon:

(i) Australian Catholic University Limited; and,

(ii) all eligible staff employed by Australian Catholic University Limited; and,

(iii) the Community and Public Sector Union; and

(iv) the National Tertiary Education Union.

1.5.2 This Agreement does not cover and does not apply to:

(i) Persons who are not employees such as independent contractors engaged to provide services to the University; or,

(ii) Religious Members of the University who are assigned by their Congregation or by a Diocese/Archdiocese to support the work of the University, in accordance with the Deed signed by the Congregation or Diocese/Archdiocese and the University; or,

(iii) Academic staff employed by the University whose base salary is twenty-five (25) percent or more above Level E in Schedule 1 Part A of the Agreement; or,

(iv) Professional staff employed by the University whose base salary is in excess of HEW Level 10 in Schedule 1 Part B of this Agreement: or,

(v) Teachers in Centres.

Page last updated on 16/11/2021

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