2.3.1. The minimum salary paid to a professional staff member employed on a casual basis will be the ordinary rate per hour derived from the full-time rates as set out in Schedule 1, Part B, together with a loading of 25%.

2.3.2. The minimum period of engagement for casual professional staff is three (3) hours; however, the following casual professional staff members have a minimum engagement period of one (1) hour:

(i) casual professional staff members who are students who are expected to attend the University on that day in their capacity as a student; or

(ii) casual professional staff members with a primary occupation elsewhere; or

(iii) a staff member who has another employment contract with the University and who are expected to attend the University on that day.

2.3.3. Where possible, ACU Students will be preferenced for casual professional engagements.

2.3.4. Payment of overtime to a casual professional staff member shall be in accordance with sub-clause 5.3.5 of this Agreement.

Page last updated on 16/11/2021

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