3.3.1 Purpose

Community Service Leave provides leave for civic duties such as Jury Service, Court Appearances, Fire Fighting and Emergency Assistance, Leave to Contest Elections, Blood Donor Leave, Attendance at Arbitration Proceedings and similar purposes recognising that from time to time staff may be involved in community activity. The management of Community Service leave will be in accordance with the University policy and procedures for Community Service Leave.

3.3.2 The maximum period of Community Service Leave will be five (5) days per annum on full pay. However, additional time may be granted by the University on provision of appropriate certification attesting the need for such service. Community Service Leave is not cumulative.

3.3.3 A staff member granted Community Service leave for emergency service activity is entitled to a further one day’s leave on completion of the service for the purpose of recovering from such activity.

3.3.4 Casual and sessional staff are entitled to up to five (5) days of unpaid Community Service Leave (including unpaid leave for Jury Service).

Page last updated on 16/11/2021

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