6.1.1 Nothing in this Agreement prevents the University from requiring a person to provide to it documents or information which it requires to ensure that its employment of that person would accord with or accords with the requirements of any federal or state legislation, including legislation enacted for the protection of children. The University may also require, as a condition of employment, that a staff member provide to it evidence of qualifications and/or of residency status.

6.1.2 The University will employ a person as a staff member on terms that correspond with one or other of the employment types prescribed in this section.

6.1.3 To avoid doubt, nothing in this Agreement prevents a staff member from engaging in additional work as a casual in work unrelated to, or identifiably separate from, the staff member’s normal duties.

6.1.4 Other than the provision of sub-clause 6.1.5, nothing in this Agreement limits the number or proportion of staff that the University may employ in a particular type of employment.

6.1.5 The University will take reasonable action/s to reduce the proportion of casual sessional academic staff to regular academic staff over the life of this Agreement, benchmarked from trend data using 2009 data as a baseline. Such actions will include offering conversion from sessional to regular employment in accordance with this Agreement.

Page last updated on 16/11/2021

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