1.10.1 ACU aspires to be a University characterised by free inquiry and academic integrity. Staff may make public comment and enter into public discourse from the basis of expertise and in accordance with the Code of Conduct for All Staff (as amended from time to time).

1.10.2 Academic Staff members have the right to:

(i) teach, assess and develop curricula within University processes, and

(ii) undertake scholarship, research and publish.

1.10.3 All staff members have the right to:

(i) pursue critical and open inquiry,

(ii) participate in public debates and express opinions; however, a staff member will not represent their individual opinions as being those of the University,

(iii) participate in an appropriate form in decision-making processes and structures germane to their field of expertise and onus of responsibility within the University,

(iv) participate in professional and representative bodies, including unions, and

(v) engage in community service;

without fear of harassment, intimidation or unfair treatment.

Page last updated on 16/11/2021

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