8.3.1 Where the University has made a decision (including a decision in principle) to introduce major changes in production, program, organisation, structure or technology that are likely to have significant effects (as defined in sub clause 1.3) on staff, the University will notify and consult with the staff members who may be affected by the proposed changes, their staff representatives and the Unions.

The University will provide relevant information to the affected staff as part of the consultation process. A draft Change Management Plan will be distributed to relevant staff. The draft Plan will include information about:

(i) The proposed change to occur;

(ii) The rationale for the change in terms of the expected outcomes;

(iii) The anticipated effects on staff, including potential benefits or possible adverse effects, if any;

(iv) A statement about how changed work will be performed in the future including the anticipated effects on staff in other work units;

(v) Suggestions for avoiding or mitigating any potentially adverse effects on staff;

(vi) The anticipated timeframe for consultation and implementation;

(vii) Any other relevant information; and

(viii) Whether a post implementation review is appropriate.

8.3.2 The University will seek feedback from affected staff and will consider any input from the University workplace community, staff representatives and the Unions when considering change plans; including whether to proceed with the proposed change, (either in its original or a revised form). The University will provide a response as part of the Final Change Plan.

8.3.3 The University will provide a copy of the Final Change Plan to staff, staff representatives and the Unions.

8.3.4 Once the Final Change Plan is approved by the Vice-Chancellor and President, the University may declare a staff member’s position to be redundant because the University decides that it no longer wishes the job/duties that the staff member has been doing to be done by anyone at that campus or location, and this is not due to the ordinary and customary turnover of labour.

8.3.5 The University will formally notify (in writing) the staff member who is affected, that their position has been made redundant and the commencement of the Notice period. This formal notice will outline the reason(s) for redundancy.

8.3.6 Retrenchment occurs when a staff member’s employment is terminated because of redundancy.

8.3.7 The provisions in this Agreement relating to redundancy and retrenchment do not apply to casual or sessional staff members or to staff members during their minimum period of employment.

Page last updated on 17/11/2021

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