Performance Excellence requires the alignment of our academic and professional staff with organisational strategic priorities through employment processes including development, reward, planning and review, and management of unsatisfactory performance. Staff, supervisors and the University each have responsibilities for managing for performance excellence.

4.1.1 Roles and Responsibilities in Managing for Performance Excellence The staff member’s responsibilities include full participation, engagement, resolving issues, meeting standards and ensuring quality. This means that staff, relevant to role, should have capacity to teach our students, conduct our research, and, deliver high standards of support services, systems and processes. The supervisor provides the context for the work of the Faculty/School/ Centre/Directorate/Portfolio that clearly conveys the organisation’s performance expectations of all individual staff. Supervisors provide direction and clarify how every individual role contributes to the strategic priorities of the work unit and the University. Supervisors support and monitor staff contribution, through ongoing dialogue with staff, setting expectations of performance, implementing change, and, working with staff to resolve issues. The University invests in Professional Development programs that provide a diverse range of practical and informative skill related courses, and opportunities for career development. Professional Development programs are designed to enhance the capabilities and performance of staff, and support the implementation of organisational strategy. The organisation has performance excellence processes that support staff and supervisors including the capacity to manage individual staff members who do not meet the University’s requirements for performance excellence.

Page last updated on 16/11/2021

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