3.10.1 Purpose

Personal/carer’s leave in line with the University Mission acknowledges that staff of the University are also members of families and communities and have commitments not related to work.

The management of personal/carer’s leave will be in accordance with University policy and procedures for Personal/Carer’s Leave.

3.10.2 Entitlement A staff member is entitled to utilise Personal/Carer’s Leave for purposes including but not limited to personal illness; short term care of an ill family member or an elder; significant personal or community emergencies; Indigenous people’s ceremonial leave; observance of religious/culturally significant days; or moving house. Leave is granted at the rate of twenty (20) working days per annum on commencement and for each completed year of paid service. Fifteen (15) days of which shall be cumulative based on leave utilised in the previous year. Ten (10) days Personal/Carer’s Leave per annum is available for the purpose of taking Carer’s Leave. A staff member who becomes a grandparent is entitled to take up to ten (10) days personal/carer’s leave for the purpose of caring for their child or grandchild during the six (6) month period commencing from the date of birth of the grandchild.

3.10.3 Personal Sick Leave Staff covered by this Agreement who are absent on a period of personal leave for personal sickness purposes for more than three (3) consecutive working days shall provide proof of illness as required by this clause and University policy. A staff member may be required to provide proof of illness for absences of less than three (3) consecutive working days in circumstances where the supervisor has a reasonable concern about the staff member’s use of sick leave under the following circumstances, including circumstances where:

(i) the staff member has a pattern of recurring absences on personal sick leave; and/or

(ii) there is evidence that the staff member is not using personal leave for its proper purpose and notification has been provided. Such notification will be reviewed after six (6) months.

3.10.4 Notice and Evidence Requirements A staff member will be required to provide to the University a medical certificate from a registered health practitioner. In the absence of such proof, the period of absence from duty will be without pay or, at the request of the staff member, will be deducted from their annual leave credits. Medical certificates for up to five (5) days will be accepted from the following registered health practitioners: medical practitioner, chiropractor, osteopath, optometrist, physiotherapist, psychologist, oral and maxillo facial surgeon, registered midwife or dentist. Medical certificates will be accepted from Pharmacists, however, restricted to certificates for illness or injury that the Pharmacist is qualified to issue which are normally restricted to two (2) days or less. For the purposes of this Agreement a Pharmacist is not considered to be a medical practitioner. Where the absence exceeds five (5) days and unless the registered health provider listed in above is also a registered medical practitioner, applications for any further personal (sick) leave must be supported by evidence of illness from a registered medical practitioner not including a Pharmacist. A staff member must not return to work if they have a medical certificate declaring that they are unfit for work during that period. A clearance certificate should be obtained if recovery is earlier than expected. Where the University believes the certificate provided does not comply with this clause, the staff member will be referred to this clause and given a copy of the University’s Personal (Sick) Leave policy and be advised of the specific concern/s with the certificate. The staff member will be given an opportunity and a time-frame, to obtain an amended certificate from their registered health professional. Where a complying medical certificate is not provided by the staff member in the time-frame specified, the absence will be treated as leave without pay or another form of approved leave (if available). Subject to the same evidentiary requirements specified in sub-clause 3.10.4, casual and sessional staff are entitled to up to two (2) days of unpaid Personal/Carer’s Leave for each occasion (a permissible occasion) when a member of the staff member’s immediate family or household requires care or support because of:

(a) A personal illness, or personal injury, affecting the member; or

(b) An unexpected emergency affecting the member.

Page last updated on 16/11/2021

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