Section 8 consultation and change management at acu


8.1.1 The University and its staff will pursue ongoing improvements in the quality of University programs and support services, and in support of the University’s strategic objectives. The University and staff recognise that change will occur as the University evolves over time and as circumstances require. Many changes that take place in the workplace can be relatively minor and, as a consequence, will be addressed at the workplace level through direct local discussion and consultation with individual staff and/or the work group.

8.1.2 The University highly values its staff and is committed to providing security of employment and, wherever possible, to retaining the services of, and offering ongoing opportunities to staff members.

8.1.3 The University will explore all available options to mitigate the impact of any reduction in the category of employment. Wherever possible, reductions in the size of the University’s workforce will occur, in the first instance, through natural attrition and voluntary measures such as, redeployment, relocation, training or retraining. Retrenchment will be used as a last resort in accordance with this Agreement.

8.1.4 Staff members may choose to be assisted throughout the discussions in these processes by a Staff Representative.

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