4.2.1 To support the University’s achievement of its strategic goals and priorities and to develop and support staff contributions to this achievement, the University will continue to provide a comprehensive professional development program. The professional development program is designed to develop staff knowledge, skills, competencies, professional capacity and effectiveness within the University, and to promote improved engagement, performance and efficiency.

4.2.2 From time to time the University may identify essential Professional Development Programs for all staff and/or segments of the University workforce. The University will notify staff of the essential requirements, the timeline for their completion, and, the possible consequences of non-completion. Attendance at essential Professional Development Programs occurs during work time 

4.2.3 In circumstances where a casual or sessional staff member is required to participate in professional development programs, the casual or sessional staff member will receive appropriate remuneration for their attendance and participation in accordance with the provisions of Schedule 2. Such remuneration will be at the relevant ‘other academic activities’ rate for sessional academic staff.

4.2.4 Casual and sessional staff members are encouraged to attend other relevant professional development and discipline related activities offered by the University, and to maintain collaborative working relationships. Attendance at any of these activities may be paid for at the “other academic activities rate”, subject to and following the approval of the National Head of School or delegate.

4.2.5 The University provides a range of programs for all staff that develop knowledge, skills, competencies, professional capacity and effectiveness. These programs provide development for the staff member’s current role, development for possible future roles, and personal development. These programs are normally openly advertised, centrally funded and staff self-identify for attendance. In some circumstances programs are available to an identified segment of the workforce.

Overall the programs cover:

  • ACU processes;

  • Management and Leadership;

  • Technical skills;

  • Individual development of core capability and competences;

  • Staff formation including Staff Retreat; and

  • Individual wellness.

The University provides support to Professional Staff who may apply, through a competitive and meritorious application process, to attend the following programs:

  • Certificate IV Frontline Management – Ten (10) Scholarships per year

  • Certificate IV Business Administration – unlimited

  • Access to Emerging Leaders and Managers Program (ATEM) – up to Twenty (20) participants per year.

The University provides the opportunity for staff to register their interest in upcoming job opportunities (including potential secondments and transfers). Staff members are encouraged to register with Careers@ACU which provides information about such opportunities on an individual basis.

Page last updated on 16/11/2021

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