6.6.1 Upon engagement, the University will provide to the staff member an instrument of appointment which stipulates the type of employment and informs the staff member of the terms of engagement at the time of the appointment in relation to:

(i) for staff other than casuals, the classification level and salary of the staff member on commencement of the employment, and the hours or the fraction of full-time hours to be worked;

(ii) for a fixed-term staff member, the term of the employment and the circumstance(s) by reference to which the use of fixed-term contract for the type of employment has been decided for that employment;

(iii) for casuals including sessionals, the duties required, the number of hours required, the rate of pay for each class of duty required and a statement that any additional duties required during the term will be paid for; and

(iv) for any staff member subject to probationary employment, the length and terms of the probation.

6.6.2 The instrument of appointment will also specify the other main conditions of employment including the identity of the University, and the documentary, or other recorded sources from which such conditions derive, and the duties and reporting relationships to apply upon appointment.

Page last updated on 16/11/2021

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