2.9.1 The superannuation guarantee legislation requires the University to make a minimum contribution to superannuation for all staff members. The University’s superannuation provider is “UniSuper”.

2.9.2 The University shall, during the life of this Agreement, maintain current arrangements and entitlements for the payment of an employer superannuation contribution of 17% salary in respect of existing staff and new staff eligible to receive that level of contribution, except that:

(i) Employer superannuation contributions for casual staff and for staff engaged on an initial fixed-term contract of employment up to twelve (12) months shall be the applicable required superannuation guarantee rate.

2.9.3 From 11 January 2020, the University will make employer contributions to UniSuper as follows:

(i) Employer superannuation contribution of 17% for all continuing and fixed term employees; and

(ii) For all casual staff, compulsory employer contributions shall be the applicable required superannuation guarantee rate.

Employees who, at the relevant dates, are in receipt of superannuation contributions greater than the amounts listed above will continue to receive such higher contributions.

2.9.4 Subject to the relevant Trust Deed and the provisions of this sub-clause, all existing full-time and part-time staff of the University are entitled to remain members of the following Funds or their successors:

(i) UniSuper;

(ii) the Catholic Superannuation Fund;

(iii) the Catholic Superannuation and Retirement Fund;

(iv) the National Catholic Superannuation Fund;

(v) the State Authorities Superannuation Scheme; or,

(vi) the State Superannuation Fund Victoria

of which they were members, as at the date of approval. For the purposes of this sub-clause, "the relevant Trust Deed" includes a State or Commonwealth Act governing the operation of a particular fund.

The University will offer all new staff membership of the relevant UniSuper Fund(s) and staff will contribute to the relevant Fund(s) in accordance with the requirements of the Trust Deed.

2.9.5 The management of Superannuation arrangements, including but not limited to:

(i) arrangements for pre-tax contributions,

(ii) arrangements for staff who have been granted approval for leave of any type on half pay or leave without pay with respect to maintenance of employee or employer contribution, and

(iii) the University exercising its options under the terms of its participation in UniSuper for the 10% flexibility, in coverage and/or contribution level,

will be in accordance with the University policy and procedures for Superannuation.

2.9.6 In the event of changes in legislation relating to superannuation or taxation or to the Fund's Trust Deed, which impact on this clause and make any part or all of this clause inoperative, the parties to this Agreement will meet and agree on a replacement clause or sub-clause and make an application to the Fair Work Commission to vary the Agreement.

2.9.7 An eligible staff member can elect to receive less than 17% employer superannuation contributions to the extent permitted by the UniSuper Trust Deed, provided always that the combined amount of the staff member’s salary and other payments and employer superannuation contributions is not thereby diminished. When being provided with this option, the staff member (or prospective staff member) must be provided with the option of receiving 17% employer contributions.

2.9.8 In circumstances where a Superannuation Fund does not accept employer contributions, the University will make equivalent contributions in the form of the payment of additional monies to the staff member/s.

2.9.9 The parties agree to vary this Agreement to incorporate, or give effect to changes to the UniSuper Trust Deed (insofar as these pertain to the employment relationship or the relationship between the University and the Parties to this Agreement).

Page last updated on 16/11/2021

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