To assist staff to balance their various work and life responsibilities, the following flexible working arrangements that may be available to a staff member include:

(i) Changing hours of work;

(ii) Changing patterns of work;

(iii) Changing the location of work (e.g. an alternative campus or a period of time working from home);

(iv) Changing work arrangements, including Job Share.

5.1.1 Request for Flexible Working Arrangements

A staff member who:

  • has responsibility for the care of a child who is school age or younger;

  • has a child who is under eighteen (18) years of age and who has a disability;

  • is a carer (within the meaning of the Carer Recognition Act, 2010 (NSW));

  • is fifty-five (55) years or older;

  • has a disability;

  • is experiencing family violence or who is providing care or support to a member of the staff member’s immediately family or household who requires care or support because the member is experiencing violence from the member’s family;

  • is a parent, or has responsibility for the care of a child: and is returning to work after taking leave in relation to the birth or adoption of the child;

  • is a casual staff member and has completed at least twelve (12) months of continuous service immediately before making the request or is a long term casual employee immediately before making the request, and has a reasonable expectation of continuing employment on a regular and systematic basis,

may submit a request for a change to their working arrangements.

(i) The staff member must lodge their request in writing with their nominated supervisor. The request must set out the details of the change sought and provide the reasons for the change.

(ii) The University will provide a written response to the request within twenty-one (21) days advising whether the request is granted or refused.

(iii) The University may only refuse a request on reasonable operational grounds and if the request is refused, the response will include details of the reasons for the refusal.

5.1.2 Changing Patterns of Work Including Reversion to Part-Time Work

A full-time staff member may apply to work part-time on a temporary or ongoing basis according to the staff member’s contract of employment and the needs of the University. There is no limit to the fraction of full-time workload that a part-time staff member may work, although this is at the discretion of the University.

5.1.3 Job-Sharing

Job-sharing will be subject to operational requirements of the organisational unit and may be introduced by agreement between the staff member(s) and the supervisor. Staff working in a job-share arrangement will normally share one full-time position at the same classification level, with each person working part-time on a regular basis and in accordance with the conditions for part-time staff established under this Agreement.

Page last updated on 16/11/2021

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