3.2.1 A staff member who serves in the Australian Defence Force Reserves will be granted up to ten (10) days leave in each calendar year for the purposes of deployment, annual training, drill parade, attendance at a school and/or class or course of instruction and this leave is not cumulative. The management of Australian Defence Forces Reserves Leave will be in accordance with the University policy and procedures for the Australian Defence Forces Reserves Leave.

3.2.2 In addition to sub clause 3.2.1 a staff member is entitled to a further twelve (12) weeks leave subject to a successful application to the Federal Government's Employer Support Payment Scheme (ESPS).

3.2.3 If the staff member requires additional leave for Defence Force Reserves purposes, the staff member may apply for Annual Leave, Long Service leave or Leave Without Pay. It should be noted, however, that such leave will only be granted to the staff member if:

  1. The staff member is eligible for the category of leave that they wish to apply for; and
  2. The requested leave is for periods of time that are mutually convenient to the University and the staff member. The University will, at all times, reserve its right not to grant such leave in circumstances where it is not operationally convenient to do so.
Page last updated on 08/02/2023

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