4.7.1 All continuing and fixed-term staff members and their nominated supervisor will participate on an annual basis in the development and performance process as established from time to time.

4.7.2 The development and performance process provides staff and supervisors with the opportunity to:

  1. determine work activities and their links to work area and organisational priorities and the expected outcomes and/or level of achievement expected over the next annual review period;
  2. discuss knowledge, skills and competencies required and the associated professional development required to support performance excellence in the role;
  3. discuss the staff member's plans for taking annual, long service and other leave;
  4. discuss academic career pathways and work patterns including the annual workload (academic only);
  5. discuss, as appropriate, any personal/work issues that may impact on work performance;
  6. provide feedback in relation to individual performance also with reference to work area and organisational goals;
  7. determine if the staff member is eligible for incremental advancement;
  8. assess if the staff member is meeting probation requirements;
  9. discuss knowledge and skills development to support career and professional development;
  10. discuss and identify assistance and support that will be provided to improve performance where performance is assessed as requiring improvement.

4.7.3 The development and performance process will integrate with University arrangements in relation to probation and incremental progression.

4.7.4 It is expected that supervisors will provide regular feedback on performance and will deal promptly and fairly with issues relating to performance.

4.7.5 Principles for Managing Unsatisfactory Performance

This clause does not apply to staff members serving a period of probation whose employment will be managed in accordance with the University policies and procedures relating to probationary employment.

During any meetings to discuss possible unsatisfactory performance, a staff member may choose to be assisted by a person of their choice, including a staff representative, but not a practising solicitor or barrister.

Nothing in this clause prevents the relevant Member of the Executive or the Vice-Chancellor and President from referring a question of possible unsatisfactory performance to a supervisor or Member of the Executive for appropriate action.

Page last updated on 08/02/2023

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